Continuing the tiff between Cable

Continuing the tiff between Cable TV operators and Satellite TV owners, I have some very strong thougts which might be acceptable by many. Meanwhile, today’s newsapers say that there was a meeting by the Cable TV operators and consumers somewhere in chennai and the outcome was that they decided to air only FTA (Free-to-air) channels and this would help in saving dual income to Satellite TVs. Dual income includes, income from advertisements and also through these subscription costs which they charge Cable TV operators on the basis of no. of connections.

Sometimes, we are taken over so much by the media, that we don’t even see the other side of the story. Imagine, The Hindu or Indian Express newspaper does the same thing. They sell papers free of charge to the newspaper shops and they get money only through advertisements. Would that happen? Will they ever agree to it or is it first of all correct? So you as a consumer pay 3 bucks for the newspaper guy and he will give take the money for himself because he delivers it in your house. So the 3 bucks that you pay does not reach the newspaper company. What would happen?. The sponsors or the advertisers would take over the newspaper company. They will start demanding what news should be presented in the nespaper and how it should be framed. Our newspapers will also become Satellite TV with more advertisements and less content.

Why don’t we support subscription for all channels. THINK.


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