An Ode to the networked

An Ode to the networked world :
This poem ( can it be called as a poem ??) was written by me during a speaker’s forum in my company . I had basically no big facts to harp on, so i thought of getting my point across by a small poem. Quite a few people say that is in the lines of a similar poem which floated in the net. I am oblivious to that . This is my CREATIVITY !!! you see .

An ode to the networked world

Gone are the days when played games on the road,
Today we code on the road with laptop.

Gone are the days when we stood to watch birds
Today we see and hear them in mpeg files.

Gone are the days when we sat to chat with friends on grounds,
Today we chat in rooms

Gone are the days when we carry watterbottles and chips to movies
Today we watch them in our e-PCs

Gone are the days when we sit back in our father’s swinging chairs and read Alice in Wonderland
Today we purchase them for 1 dollar a chapter and read it from our monitors

Gone are the days when i write such poems in the last pages of my rough notebook
Today i type them in my notepad

Gone are the days when we have marriages for 3 days including baarath
Today we meet at, and

( A decade later )

Gone are the days when we have panel discussions in dinning halls
Today we meet using video conferencing in the virtual office.

( 50 years later)

Gone are the days when i used to meet people …i mean real people…
Today i met my creator…. he was real..he was a human
and i am his creation ….I am a ROBOT.

My friend quits celibacy: He

My friend quits celibacy:
He is a mad at Metallica. Crazy about Bryan Adams. We used to wonder who is gonna marry him including his ex-girl. the saying somewhere someone is born for you has become true. he is engaged to a girl whom he describes as one of the girls who make sense while talking. Hey, thats his opinion….not mine. He is excited about the whole stuff but this sets me thinking on grounds on psychology of a man who gets ditched for no mistake of him. Does the man think all girls are crazy ? Does he think all girls are useless? . Ram, Please answer!!!

It takes a really good

It takes a really good mood to write something good. today is one such day where i am such a silly mood that i don’t feel to write anything. sunday scribbles are pretty moody. day off !!! bye

why do i blog –

why do i blog – A Question for the innerself
I have thinking about this for the whole of last week and have reached a probable conclusion. I blog just for one major reason , blogging. But there is more to it. You will certainly become a full-time blogger if u have a taste for writing. And just in case you have the fire to write , you will probably be blogging all the day long.
I have one more tangential thought about a blogger . He who needs to express himself and his thoughts and feels that his thoughts might prove informative and useful should ceratinly blog. So guys !!! carry the can of bloggine !! Welcome Bloggers!!!.