Special Weekend Ahead It’s another

Special Weekend Ahead

It’s another pleasant weekend ahead. Especially special for me. I would probably be travelling chicago again, next weekend. Hence would like to roam around chennai this weekend. The yearly chennai book fair is here in QMC college. IIT Madras cultural festival Saarang starts this weekend with P C Sorcar Jr Magic Show. And hey!! they have a fusion show by Moksha, Keith Peters & Kadri Gopalnath. Also the worthy mention of Shaan’s Indy Pop. I would certainly miss all of these.

Last year was great fun at IIT when we had Parikrama performing the rock show. These guys played a fabulous number from Jimi Hendrix. And Shankar Mahadevan’s show with his latest Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe. We were dancing our minds out that day. They whole stadium boomed when he sang uppu karuvadu from mudhalvan. This time Shaan’s Bhool Jaa would be the highlight.

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