the city

35 days or so in chennai during the midst of a music season was so liberating. Not because I’m some NRI running around in kakkhi shorts and a sporty sandal. Its ironically true and I will explain why.

I was somewhat faceless, like a nomadic traveller. There was no friend who spotted me when walking in Pondy Bazaar, no mael veettu aathi pinnal ponnu who chuckled at me atleast once a day, no paalakaran who asked when I dropped by, no librarian welcoming me like a bakra to his shop. Ok, a distant distant related maama actually found me in some kutcheri and asked me, ” ambi eppidida padippu poguthu?”. Something he should have asked me 10-12 years ago. That apart, I was a literally anonymous in my own city. And I’m grumpy about it but not then.

While I was enjoying the new found anonymity that I never had in Chennai, I’m irritated that Chennai has lost its small cityness. You know what I mean, more places, more automobiles, more people, more everything. This again sounds like a desi rant or cheran’s nostalgic movie episode but its very true.

Anyway, I find travelling so invigorating and its because of this anonymity but not in my own city. No.

6 responses to “the city”

  1. karthik Avatar

    had the same experience ? just return last week from chennai? the traffic is irritating..


  2. sreekrishnanv Avatar

    This is natural to any city any place – because the mind can never fathom the speed of development happening elsewhere even if you are informed. NEgative or positive remarks makes your mind think exponentially and you are generally overwhelmed or underwhelmed[?]. It happened to me .. interms of cost. I spent like a zamindar interms of what i spent in india 3 years back.


  3. Ashwini Avatar

    Is this from the past? the music season is yet to begin….but I too love the anonymity in the city…and miss the small city attitude :)f


  4. lazygeek Avatar

    ashwini, no..this is new post. just that i’m writing it 10 months later 🙂


  5. Anand Avatar

    Thalaiva ithelam romba over…etho rajini interviewooonu oru shanam ninachiten 🙂


  6. Venkat Avatar

    தங்கள் தமிழ் நடை, சுஜாதா சாரை கொஞ்சம்(on தி flippant சைடு) ஓவர்-டூ செய்வது போல் உள்ளது.


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