I stopped a favorite habit of sipping coffee some two years ago and never picked it up. But one of the things that I caught on my way back from Coimbatore last year was sukku coffee. How about a kaaramana coffee but with no milk/caffeine?

At the closing of another not-so-eventful day, same sunrise, same highway drive, predictable news, email, people and I’m thinking, Is there a point?

4 responses to “Is?”

  1. sambasivam Avatar



  2. lazy Avatar


    i hope that you get to watch enthiran on the first day.


  3. sambasivam Avatar

    Dei Lazy,

    Enna Kozhuppa ? Am a Vijay and Kamal Fan.. waiting for MA and Kaavalan. What about u?


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar
    Lazy Geek

    I have to say this now to get back…thoo!


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