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Mystery Box ?

Jeffrey Jacob Abrams aka JJ Abrams, the creator of Lost is the guest editor for this month’s Wired magazine and he has a cover story, The magic of mystery which is neat. I see the cover story as a continuation of the TED talk that he presented two years ago.

Lost is probably one of the best sitcoms every made by the humans(!). I totally dig it. Yes, its indeed better than Seinfeld, Friends or MASH. Lost is made up of mysterical connections between the people of plane and show up on the right time. His quest for the mystery continues that even in his debut movie, Mission Impossible 3, he didn’t really reveal the contents of Rabbit Foot(wasn’t that the whole point of the movie). This serving of MI is probably the best of all the 3 versions.

The good thing is that Hollywood is taking the mysteries of Abrams seriously and he is remaking Star Trek movie. Don’t think we will have a surprise of Leonard_Nimoy playing Spock.

P.S: Star Trek releases on 05/07 and if you are planning, wait for an IMAX release. It’s already getting rave reviews from advance screenings.

10 thoughts on “Mystery Box ?

  1. Lost used to be good, having trouble with the whole “suspension of disbelief” deal now . They’ve taken it too far into the scifi/fantasy genre in the recent seasons for my taste and it’s definitely not a “sitcom” lol, maybe “unintcom” (unintentional comedy).

    I still watch it though, along with House MD and Heroes, but I only really like House.


  2. whats up with everyone getting upset over calling Lost a sitcom. It wasnt certainly unintentional. Sitcom has replaced all other words to represent the equivalent of a mega serial(aka soap) in the US.

    Infact no one is even taking about soap opera anymore. its like how xerox got replaced for photo copier 🙂


  3. Since when does sitcom mean everlasting tv series ? I can tell you the names of a 100 sitcoms that got canceled after a few episodes !! Lost is a dramatic/mystery series if anything. And to call it a sitcom means you did not know the correct usage of the word — nothing wrong with that except you now look silly defending it.


  4. Couldn’t help but comment….minor mistake. Sitcom = Situational Comedy. Lost is far from that 🙂

    Amazing finale.


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