Thoppukaranam takes over the world!

13 responses to “Thoppukaranam takes over the world!”

  1. Superb. We Indians don’t accept our traditional rituals thinking they are just “rituals” without any meaning. But when the same is being told by white-skins we blindly start following them.

    This video deserves to be propagated as much as possible in India.

    Can I refer your site in my blog for this post?



  2. This is unbeliveable…and shame on indians.This is our tradition, this is the way our teachers used to punish us as punishment,it has been a contemporary tradition in indian history.
    We never knew the benifits of this, and always felt bad /ashmaed when doing, now you see once it is translated in english and circulated to India, you ll see institutions teaching this techniques….

    Amazing…..I think we should hire some white skins to study our culture and tell us the benifits…because indians are not interested in their culture..


  3. After all the inventor of zero is never a zero and each activity of any Indian had and continues to have a stong unexplainable reason just like the faith in God where the Almighty is a Cosmic Myth.



  4. This reinforces the belief that the Indians,the discoverer of Zero is never a zero.

    All his activities are twinained in unexplainable faith and beleif like the faith in God where the God is an unseen Cosmic Identity.

    M Viswanathan


  5. We do it to pay respects to Lord Ganesha(The Elephant God) for knowledge. As they say whatever is in the world, one can find that in the Indian Vedas(Scriptures), but what’s not in the vedas doesn’t exist.


  6. Over the last ten years, awareness of Indian Culture and the height of our academic achievements is coming out and so is the quest of learned Indians to advance our tradition and culture. Our knowledge and achievements are far superior than those of any other nation in the world, and yet we also have more ignorant people who are gullible to quacks than anywhere in the world. Anyone who can separate out the “quackisms” from “hinduism” would be sure to learn about the superiority of the knowledge propounded in our vedas, yogas and culture!


  7. All the white skin people are doing re-search on Indian practised and making commercial use. This is because we dont have faith in our practises as it is not passed in generations with scientific base.


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