Dude, what’s the point ?

The movie sucks. Someone lend Gautham, a book on screen writing.

30 responses to “Dude, what’s the point ?”

  1. bart Avatar

    Considering Pachaikili and now VA, to be precise it should be “Second-half Screenwriting”.


  2. Ram Avatar

    Oh no..! I was looking forward to VA!


  3. Nithya Avatar

    Huh! Glad that I am not the only one who felt so. The movie was terrible and I could not sit through it.


  4. sundar Avatar

    The Problem with Maniratnam (Kannathil Muthamittal) and Gowtham (V1000) is they become obsessed with a particular emotion or Story to tell. Then all rules of screenwriting and Film making goes for a toss.
    Gowtham was a promising talent just got lost somewhere.
    And, Mr.Ratnam is adapting Ramayan. Just Pathetic. Original story telling is non-existent.
    Now Aamir Khan and Rakesh Omprakash Mehra is our only hope for Interesting Cinema between the Perarasus, Haris, Chopras and Johars!


  5. anon Avatar

    sollitariya spielberg


  6. Sundar Avatar

    @above: Neenga enna Gowtham/Mani Chamcha vaa?


  7. lazygeek Avatar

    nalla illatha padatha pathi vera ennaya solla mudiyum !!


  8. Zombie Avatar

    It was a good movie compared to the regular Tamil movie (Beema, Vijay’s recent movies etc and Manirathnam’s recent pics). Surya was amazing in many scenes, especialy his body language as young boy/ youth/adult and father were terrific. I felt Gowtham had rushed the screenplay, if he had given more time on college phase and some more time to weave the love, I dint like the scene related to Army but I did like the phase related to kidnap. I liked the BGM in the end when Surya, Simran etc walks along the beach … it was humming by a guy, it sounds awesome.


  9. Abhishek Avatar

    @Sundar…have you heard of Anurag Kashyap and passionforcinema..check out their movies doode..ur aamir khan will neva make such a movie..and Kannathil Muthamittal was very good..it wasnt crap.and yeah Mr Ratnam is doing his own take on Ramayanam..wait for the movie and talk doode..if you think thalapathy was a bad movie which was his take on mahabharatha friendship..then even his take on Ramayanam could have you against a film maker of his class.


  10. venkatramanan Avatar
  11. Anu Avatar

    Come on.. that’s harsh! The movie does not suck. It might not have met all your expectations, and there are some flaws. But that does not make it suck. It’s way better than the trash movies that come out, and you have to give credit where credit is due.


  12. Sundar Avatar

    @ Abhishek:

    Maniratnam and class! I hope you were not living in a cave. I agree that he was very good in his earlier flicks. Kannathil was another
    Terrorist flick from his stable. It neither captured the essence of Adoption in true sense or the struggles of coping up of a child with
    adopted parents.
    Kid was made extrovert something he tried out in Anjali successfully. Most of his characters in the films he made in last 10 years are
    variations from his own movies. They are shallow and repetitive.
    Has any of Maniratnam recent films have unique charecterisation like Pithamagan Vikram or Ghajini Surya or Virumandi Kamal?
    Arjun’s Character in Mudhalvan was well etched than Micheal Vasanth in Ayutha Ezhuthu. No wonder nobody could connect with his mission and the movie flopped.
    All his Female protagonists behave in similar fashion, you can see shades of Revathy, Nirosha, Amala, Shalini when Simran Tries to entice Madhavan in Kannathil Muthamittal.
    His films have brilliant visuals and he continues to live on Past Glory. He’s neither a honest filmmaker like Cheran or Bala or a Masala
    Filmmaker like S.P.Muthuraman, Hari, Perarasu. Somewhere inbetween the lines he’s trying to strike a balance but he just gets lost.
    Yes, Aamir will not be able to make a film that conveys nothing like Kannathil. His Taare was very good and he continues to promise us with the flicks he’s producing and Acting by his involvement.


  13. Craze maze Avatar

    VA was good – as bart says it is only the second half screen writing Gowtham has to learn – or probalby take movies that last for 1.5 hrs only – that would have made VA a cute movie!!


  14. jay Avatar

    How easy is it for someone to chuck aside a creative product that was the hardwork of so many ppl.. in just one sentence.. there is always a fine line between personal tastes and downright judgments… one can point out flaws and say why it doesnt appeal to them… but to dismiss it as worthless or “it sucks” hinges on audacity.. creativity is not centered around one person- you- to make a judgment call.

    I personally didn’t like the movie too. Thought it was draggy. But I appreciate the amount of effort that has been put into it.. cut them some slack at least for that..


  15. karthik Avatar

    to lazy: there is a world beyond mani ratnam,sujatha. and that is much better.


  16. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //to lazy: there is a world beyond mani ratnam,sujatha. and that is much better.//

    Karthik, There are other reviews in this site. Why dont you read them before saying that statement. You can start here – http://www.rediff.com/movies/2003/aug/11kaaka.htm


  17. Vijai Avatar

    The movie was good till the interval. The second half was a torture.

    An honest & Gautam’s best effort till date but he could have done away with some scenes in the second half.


  18. kir Avatar

    hmm..heard VA didnt really amuse much in India..however its a phenomenal hit here in my place Malaysia..I wonder why..But well I think Surya worked very hard for this film..so cheers to him =)


  19. Abhishek Avatar

    LG…listen to the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire..ARR magic!


  20. R A J A Avatar

    I liked the movie scene by scene from start to end. Awesome movie. Peoples feel it hard to digest a movie which slowly captures all stages of a man in a film because, we have seen in so many movies in which a 5 yr old boy will become a 25 yr guy in a song. In my perspective, it was a nice attempt made by Gautham.


  21. Gobind Avatar

    If Cheran got a OSCAR Ravichandran, Harris and Surya he would given a wounderful product… If u ve seen Thavamai Thavamirundu its the same story… Adding to this gautam missed to tell, What Surya’s Father is Doing other than Smoking, Making Romance with Simran and more…

    Personally i am fan of Gautam Mennon, We dont need this kind of movie….


  22. Sat Avatar

    //Has any of Maniratnam recent films have unique charecterisation like Pithamagan Vikram or Ghajini Surya or Virumandi Kamal?//
    wow….no unique protagonists…why, do you think all film makers oughtta make movies about creeps?
    Mani is clearly one of our better film makers, perhaps one of our best.
    The man knows how to handle a theme without ever going overboard.
    And, whose ever idea is it that Kannathil Muthamittal is another terrorist film, may be it would have been had the child been kidnapped and we saw Madhavan go to Sri Lanka to bring her back, muscling every militant on his way. Yes, the war is there, but merely used as a backdrop. And if this movie did not address the adoption issue so well, I wonder why I saw shows on the tele debating whether or not one should let the child know of it’s adoption at a tender age…hmmm
    Ayutha Ezhuthu was not groundbreaking…but it still was good….by leaps and bounds when compared to movies that talked about politics, not to mentioned the Inarritu inspired narrative that was quite neatly put together. Btw if you thought creeps made good protagonists, how about that bald, bad ass thug that Madhavan played?
    Mani Ratnam’s Kannathil Muthamittal is a far better film than Taare anyday, of course they can’t be compared because they are completely different, except for the fact that they both focus on a child’s plight…
    While in Taare Aamir tends to get on to your nerves while sympathizing for the little kid, showing the flip book to anyone who cared in the movie and being all teary eyed, it was overkill!
    And never in Kannathil Muthamittal do you ever see such an over dose. The movie mostly unfolds from the 9 year old’s point of view, much like To kill a mocking bird did from Scout’s
    And who are we kidding, Aamir did movies like Fanaa and Mangal Pandey…lol! Not that he’s always that bad, point is everyone has highs and lows and Mani Ratnam is yet to hit that low. period.
    My only pain point, may be should stop casting a certain Ms. Aishwarya Rai Bachan and gave that role to more deserving actresses.


  23. Sat Avatar

    BTW, vaaranam ayiram sucked…what an overdose of ‘Daddy’


  24. Dil Avatar

    You guys are ridiculous. You sit down till your bum gets sore to watch a 58 year old so-called “Superstar” romancing with a 26 year old Shreya. I mean, don’t you find those films ridiculous? You guys should learn to appreciate good movie makers such as Gautham.


  25. Dil Avatar

    And how could you guys even have the guts to say Mani Ratnam hasn’t produced any good movies recently? Have you watched any of his recent movies with interest? May be you guys don’t just have the brain to understand his way of story telling. Did anyone watch Guru? Perhaps not.

    And talking about not producing the goods in recent years, A. R. Rahman has not produced anything special for Tamil movies – he certainly has for Bollywood (Jodha Akbaar etc.) He doesn’t seem to put a lot of effort into Tamil music, his tunes are so bland and typical.

    Taare Zameen Par is a great movie. I’m sure it touched everyone’s heart! But people, do not ever forget Anjali.

    Mr. Lazygeek – I’m really curious to know your favourite Tamil actor & Tamil director in recent years .


  26. lazygeek Avatar

    Dil, why dont you read the archives yourself when you find time – http://www.lazygeek.net/archive


  27. Dil Avatar

    read your archives? ive got better things to do, thank you 🙂


  28. padhu Avatar


    I loved VA. It was slow in the second-half. But it was really clean – there was no unnecessary stuff and it was pretty taut. Something like a shawshank redemption – not the same genre or class – but the same tempo. And I thought the romance/songs were pretty cool…maybe a little overdose of english dialogues but not something new for the city folks…we have a private chat among friends on who is/was the best director in tamil and gautham seems pretty high up in the list…his movies to me are the closest tamil movies got to realistic and entertaining ( beside the village man – bharathiraja – although i have never lived in a village – going by reviews )…mani’s dialogues are too crazy for ordinary people to be talking on a day-to-day basis…i will go nuts if everyone around me talks in single word sentences :))…kamal makes portions of his movies just to satisfy his ego…


  29. padhu Avatar

    Oh, and i forgot. Never new surya could come up with such a performance in VA. Was it gautham producing the goods out of him or is he naturally a good actor…i dont know…have seen him only in kaaka and VA…but he was really good…the romance/drug scenes/the climax…btw, the makeup in VA sucked big time…cmon a cigarette smoking 60+ year old without a wrinkle…i dont know what gautham was thinking…


  30. james Avatar

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