Marching this weekend…


A thousand elephants. Watch out.

The ‘ghaana’ Avan Enna Thedi Vandha Anajala rendered by Karthik is my personal favorite followed by a very SPBesque Shanthi O Shanthi by SPB Charan/Clinton.

12 thoughts on “Marching this weekend…

  1. Too much stomach -burning happening ‘coz on Gowtham Menon’s request NO SCREENING in Mumbai – I believe pal wants to remake it with Abhishek and Amitabh Bacchan. aarrgggh!!


  2. OMG, just watched this crap (movie).Other than Surya there is nothing to talk about.its high time Gowtham should understand movies can’t just run on philosophical lines, idioms and phrases! He has killed all the songs with his unjustifiable picturization 😦


  3. Will be watchign tmw eveng. People call it a bad film, but wanna check it out for myself. But Gautham-Harris split is a bad news 😦


  4. It took Varanam Ayiram’s release to bring you out of self-imposed sort of hibernation. Unfortunately the film is getting bad reviews all over the blogging world. Expecting eagerly Ananda Vikatan’s review.


  5. I watched it yesterday. I thought it was a great movie. Some dialogues between Surya and his parents were a little hard for me to stomach. And the movie was too long. But my husband and I thought it was very good.


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