The Sin City – Dasavatharam Connection


I’ve been wondering for the last three days on the character similar to Christian Fletcher of Dasavatharam. I finally got it out this morning, while brushing.

The characterization and the macho look of Fletcher has been inspired by the villain of Sin City, Marv. All the killing and the action sequences also look alike except Dasavatharam’s effort looks like child’s play. I forgot if the Sincity’s Marv also got married at a Vegas church like Fletcher.

I only wish the production design was beefed up instead of creating various facemasks for Kamal. What a waste !!

13 responses to “The Sin City – Dasavatharam Connection”

  1. sreekrishnanv Avatar

    Good catch … but i think Boovaragan is also an inspiration. Very sure. I saw the same face somewhere .. may be not the accent !

    Also Balram Naidu, accent was also from some one. But quickly i remember the “Thelungu Thatha” from Panchathanthiram.


  2. arun Avatar

    dude! finally someone else saw this connection…

    and now that you mention it >>I forgot if the Sincity guy also got married at a vegas church like Fletcher.


  3. Hawkeye Avatar

    fletcher was the best of the 10. I agree that the movie grows on you during the second watch. But that wasn’t required with other movies that were actually more complicated than dasa.


  4. Anto Avatar

    Nice Find! Btw generous review for Dasa…I almost had a nervous breakdown hearing asin scream “Perumal’aa Perumal’aa”


  5. Abhishek Avatar

    Thala one more website catch..intha vaati namba mani saar pathi! intha interview padichi paarunga! don knw how old it is..but was an interestin news of ash vikram prithviraj n priya mani comin together for Mani saars next tamil venture! heres the website!


  6. SoonaPaana Avatar

    This blog is exclusively for those Tamil cinema lovers who expected a great movie in Dasavatharam but in turn were treated to one of the most egoistic and silliest movies that we have seen in a long time. So, here it is – your chance to vent your frustrations and disappointments. Do let the world know about why Dasavatharam sucked big time for you.


  7. R S Prasanna Avatar
    R S Prasanna

    sreekrishnanv: I found a distict influence of Baliyaa (the old tamil comedian) in Balaram Naidu, especially in his interrogation scenes. The dialog delivery.

    Fletcher seemed to me like when I was a kid and saw terminator – I wanted to immediately put on a jacket and ride my cylcle (motorbike) and act like this really ‘cool’ american man! Ditto kamal! Dispaoointing to say the leat, especially since I am agreat admirer of Kamal’s work!


  8. Maverick Avatar

    My first impression of Fletcher was Arnold from “Terminator’. Especially the way he gets hit and falls down in action scenes and then casually gets up and walks off 🙂


  9. Tyler Durden Avatar


    If I remember correctly, Marv never marries in any of the as-yet-released Sin City novels. In the movie, he kills a priest (Rutger Hauer) in a church though.


  10. vaguner Avatar

    and marv isn’t the villain in sin city…. and there’s no marriage scene in sin city for sure….
    i do agree with the connection….


  11. Saran Avatar

    Tom Cruise’s character in the movie ‘The Collateral’


  12. kamal anjelo Avatar

    ”the macho look of Fletcher has been inspired by the villain of Sin City, Marv.”

    You just said Marv is the villain of sincity…i wonder who’s the hero according to you?


  13. Даниил Попов Avatar

    Где-то я уже нечто то же самое читал, причём буквально слово в слово… 🙂


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