Blogosphere Time Travel

Three sentences to describe the blogopshere time travel, back to 2002.

~ Went on a random tour of Indian Blogosphere through blogrolls, comments and other pointers.

~ Found some amazingly fresh blog talents which are more personal blogs[including chick-lit blogs] rather than show-offs, like this one.

~ Subscribed to the feeds of these newly discovered personal, neon-colored stat counter pasted, I-went-to-my-paati’s-house-yesterday type blogpost filled blogs.

I’m back in 2002. Yay !!

2 responses to “Blogosphere Time Travel”

  1. Ananya Avatar

    Hey! thot u were 1 outdated blogger when your link led to a page bout Aayutha ezhuthu! found u again thro the blog “Muranpaadu”. looks like ur a popular blogger!thanks for the comment!


  2. Whirl Mind Avatar

    Here is one more ‘I went to my patti’s house’ type blog.

    Hehehe, needless to say shamelessly, it’s mine…. 🙂 🙂


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