Be a Lendbee !!


Venkat sent me an email about a site,, that allows you to share books and DVDs, for free. This idea seems to have caught on at Chennai with employees of different companies forming groups at a company level and exchanging books/DVDs.

While it isn’t a revolutionary idea, someone has to do the work of designing and hosting a site for this purpose. Whoever designed it did a good job of user interfaces. I’m sure its pretty useful for intra-company or intra-city interactions. These social services turn out to be fun and useful as more people jump in. Jump in.

8 responses to “Be a Lendbee !!”

  1. ILA Avatar

    Thanks for the info dude!


  2. Wren and Martin Avatar
    Wren and Martin

    idea seems to have caught-off – ‘caught on’ and no hyphen.


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    yep, you are right. will change it the next time i logon. thanks wren/martin(which one are you now).


  4. Venkatesh Varalu Avatar

    Cool site. Also check another cool site which helps in keeping rack of your lending and borrowings.


  5. LazyNerd Avatar

    Wren and Martin, may I hire you as grammatical checkers? 🙂


  6. LazyNerd Avatar

    Wren and Martin, may I hire you as grammatical checkers? 🙂


  7. Dilip Avatar

    How about starting a group on this site for Redmond/Bellevue area? I was anyway planning on borrowing a few Tamil books from your collection.


  8. Lazy Geek Avatar

    sure dilip. sounds like a plan.


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