Sujathalogy – Remembering Sujatha

This is possibly the only full length video interview with Writer Sujatha Rangarajan that’s available in the public domain. A friend of mine(also a frequent commenter in this blog) sent this video file two years ago, immediately after this interview was broadcasted on Vijay TV. Though watched this interview on Vijay TV, I loved to hold onto this. I watched it numerous times and I can now literally talk the entire text of the interview without watching it. I also ripped the video to make it into a mp3 version to accompany me in the car.

The reason to brag about this is due to the fact that I lost this video file sometime last year. I later found that I uploaded a copy of this video on Google and forgot about it totally. This video was also played during the condolence meeting that was arranged by Uyirrmai team.

It’s clichéd to say I couldn’t believe that Sujatha is no more with us but honestly for last two months I haven’t read much(actually any) of Sujatha’s writings. Whenever I try to pick up his book, its tough to forget my little interactions with him and the sheer magical spell he had on me/millions of us through his writings.

I booked, a site about Sujatha and his writings sometime last year and also informed Sujatha about it. But I was too late on taking this site live, before which he passed away. The plan now is to slowly add content to this site and make it as a full-fledged fan site of Writer Sujatha.

A prolific writer that he was is making my my job tougher to list every single book/movie with a short synopsis. I would certainly need help from his fans and friends. Desikan has already accepted to help me with this. By next year, this site will have enough content. As of now, it only has a tribute page. Many thanks to Keerthi for designing the start page. More to come. Stay Tuned.

And before I forget, Happy Birthday Sujatha. You’re still alive in our memories and in your writings. We miss you.

9 responses to “Sujathalogy – Remembering Sujatha”

  1. Nice to know you are going to add more to Indeed with the help of friends like Desikan, you can try to bring all interesting writings by Sujatha into the site. Especially, if there is any unpublished material still, that should be collected and brought to print/brought into the web.

    True, his departure has made all of us sad and quite exhausted. Such a versatile genius among Tamil writers is a rare commodity. Such writers arrive in any language – once in a century. His writings however,stay forever young and alive. He was blessed that way by Sri Arangan. For all of us..


  2. தேங்க்ஸ் சுப்புடு. நான் இந்த ஒலிபரப்பை பார்க்கவில்லை. வாய்ப்பிற்கு நன்றி.


  3. Yes just cant imagine that Sujatha is no more. He will live forever in his innumerable works. Looking forward to a definitive bio of this legend by Desikan.


  4. hawkeye, i thought it was pretty straightforward – sujatha+ology missed the O and became sujathalogy. an informal study(not in the strict sense) about sujatha’s writings.


  5. Thanks for this effort. I know it is really difficult to maintain a site. So, please let us know if you need any help in this regard.

    I have written some short stories and emailed him. he sent back comments to me. That is a true treasure that I will hang on to. More than that I will hang on to his Sci Fi collection and infact anything written by him.


  6. Sujatha is excited about recursion (everyone of us too)…and how nicely he talks about Sr Rajan making fun of Sujata…the interviewer totally does not get the mild humor or maybe because of timeline…he chose to edit it…or his emotions…


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