Santosh Subramaniam – The Romance is back

santhosh subramaniam

I didn’t have any hope for the film knowing that it was a re-make from the remake king Raja. But it turned out to be the exact opposite. It was fun, pure fun and clean entertainment for a genre that’s out of fashion in Tamil cinema. Priya’s Kannamochi Yennada couldn’t bring back that classic romance-family combo. Yaaradi Nee Mohini attempted to do that and failed badly. Not only Santhosh Subramaniam kept me awake for the entire span of the movie but it also brought back memories of yesteryear films that were mere theater plays made for the big screen.

In what seems like an acting competition between Prakash Raj, Geetha and Boys fame Genelia D’Souza, Genelia wins hands-down. She will probably walk away with the heroine of the year award, if Asin wouldn’t match her performance with Dasavathaaram. Genelia seems very natural and the major part of her success in this movie should go to Savitha, the dubbing artist. Genelia is becoming a talent to watch-out for. Watch out.

Prakash Raj wasn’t spontaneous in Mozhi and even in Vellithirai. He probably takes too much of importance in films he produces and I didn’t like his performance in those movies. But in SS, he rocks. Thanks to his controlled act as a strict father, I am starting to like his performance, again.

Geetha, one of my all time favorites in Tamil cinema and a much under-rated actress makes an impact with her stereotyped Kamala Kamesh role as the Kollywood mom. Everyone including Balachander[Azhagan] to Mani Ratnam[Thalapathi] under utilized this great performer and its one of the many shames of Kollywood.

Jeyam Ravi delivers a better performance than what one expects from him. And that’s good for his career. Santhanam cracks a dozen wordplay jokes on others. Another talent to watch out for. I’ve saying this from the days of Sagalai Vs Ragalai. And what was Sadagopan Ramesh doing there as the brother. Dude, aren’t you supposed to play cricket ?

The editing by Mohan(father of director Raja) is just perfect. He has to be thanked for the crisp climax, just like Chennai 600 028. T Kannan’s camera and combined with Mohan’s editing makes the film an easy watch. Two neat tunes by Devi Sri Prasad.

I haven’t watched the original Telugu movie, Bommarillu and so I am not sure if this is a scene-by-scene remake. But I’m sure Raja has sense of the big screen. He brings back Kollywood’s classic formula of bubbly romance mixed with family drama in a perfect fashion. This is a perfect rich-family-boy falling in love with single-parent-middle-class-talkative-girl story. For the fun filled first half, thanks to Genelia and Director Raja. Paisa Vasool !!

26 responses to “Santosh Subramaniam – The Romance is back”

  1. I have watched the original as well and it is as close as it can be to a frame by frame remake – Prakashraj and Genelia playing their character in the original as well.
    But I enjoyed the Tamil version as much as I enjoyed watching the original. It is as much fun, which is tough to say for any other remake, including YNM. ‘Remake’ Raja should be proud to be called that way hereon 🙂


  2. ‘so I am not sure if this is a scene-by-scene remake’ – Director Remake Raja and still you have this doubt LOL!! even the dresses worn by the actors in most scenes are the same forget the locations. Bommarillu is a treat to watch and somehow didnt get the same feel in this – Prakashraj wig is funny in this and dubbing for Genelia is not on par with Telugu (not sure if its Savitha in Telugu too). Orig telugu movie with subtitles is available on – take a look when you find time. and well cant stand Jayam Ravi, so no comments on him. Siddharth was the perfect choice in the original IMO.


  3. I have watched the original twice, and loved it both the times. Its really an awesome movie, and Siddharth and Genelia were apt for the roles. You will unknowingly fall in love with them.. I haven’t watched the Tamil version, and don’t plan to watch it too. Cos, I can’t stand Jeyam Ravi, and I am sure he will not be anywhere close to what Siddharth had done in the original.


  4. I haven’t seen the movie but caught a few scenes on one of the
    movie review programmes.I hated it for one of the reasons u say u liked it, genelia’s dubbing voice. It is awfully “konjifying” and i couldn’t stand it.But she is quite cute, so maybe it might even out.


  5. It was funny seeing Jayam Ravi ape Siddharth. Both versions were enjoyable, but I would say the Telugu version was a tad better.


  6. I’ve seen original telugu version earlier and this is a scene-by-scene remake.After watching that,you feel Jayam Ravi lacks the charm of Siddharth and is too old for this role.Also Prakash Raj was much better in the original movie. Unfortunately this movie didn’t live upto the original .


  7. Thala na review ketaen seri athukinu intha padathika..cha enna koduma saar ithu? Genelia suited the role probably coz she did the original..Santhanam n Premji thaan beshthu in the movie if not for them this movie was jus another crappy movie to come outta tamil cinema industry this year!If not for the kamedy the movie would have been a buss ana saram vedi![:P]


  8. I saw Bommarillu (I think its the first Telugu movie I’ve watched from beginning to end) before watching this too and Jayam Ravi is obviously no comparison to Siddharth. Don’t give any credit to the director please, its a scene by scene copy. Only thing he’s good at is picking the right movies to ‘remake’.

    About Geetha, I think Balachandar made full use of her talents in Kaiyalavu Manasu although it was a teleserial. I was only 10 or so when it was being aired but I used to watch it often and it definitely made an impact on me.


  9. Bart, He is ‘Remake’ Raja, hereon.

    //’so I am not sure if this is a scene-by-scene remake’ – Director Remake Raja and still you have this doubt LOL!! //

    Sir, I wanted to give the director some credit. Paavam.

    //I hated it for one of the reasons u say u liked it, genelia’s dubbing voice. It is awfully “konjifying” and i couldn’t stand it.//

    Siva, Actually I wouldnt have liked it either but when watch the full flick you know that savitha did a great job. Watch it.

    //Thala na review ketaen seri athukinu intha padathika..cha
    enna koduma saar ithu?//

    Abhishek, lol !! actually i enjoyed the movie. it was atleast beyond my expectations.

    Sujay, I liked geetha in kaylavu manasu. but i still think there is a lot of potential. has kayalavu manasu serial for free. you can watch it there and relive your childhood 🙂


  10. Sir, Enna solraenga … This is actually genelia’s only decent performance better than Sachein .. and easily the worst performance by a heroine…

    the movie didnt have a gluing factor and Jayam Ravi looked to aged for the role just like Vivek oberoi looked for Yuva …

    I thought Siddarth did a decent role in Telugu

    Santhosh … is easily a part crap – part ok movie !!


  11. படம் எடுக்குறது ஒரு குதிரை ரேஸ் மாதிரி, புது குதிரையிலே பணம் கட்டி ஜெயிக்குறது ஒரு வகை, ஏற்கனவே ஜெயிச்ச குதிரையில பணம் கட்டி ஜெய்க்குறது இன்னொரு வகை, நான் இரண்டாவது வகை — Direcror Raja in an interview.

    As long as he is giving good entertainment, no point in arguing whether its remake or his orginal script.


  12. Raja, Don’t know how he can match a horse race with cinema. Horse race is a physical sport and you are just betting on it. A cinema is a art form made out of imagination(and other essentials like money…et al)


  13. //the movie didnt have a gluing factor and Jayam Ravi looked to aged for the role just like Vivek oberoi looked for Yuva …//

    Sree, I thought it was pretty entertaining. A decent movie in the days of Yaaradi Nee Mohini and Kannamochi Ennada.


  14. Thala i accept it is the beshtu movie of the year so far..analum guru subramaniam inu peru vechiruntha padam innum nala irunthirkum inu i think wat say?[:P]


  15. “Now that so many people here telling that the original is better than the tamil version.”

    people always reacting like this.

    if tamil is the original and remake in telugu then they will say the same thing that original is better

    like “sindhu bhairaviil sivakumar thavira veru yaar nadithalum waste”
    you can say the same things to lots of movies
    this is pure mind set.nothing more than that


  16. babu, people always say that but sometimes it IS TRUE, as in this case :-). I mean, are you arguing that people always say original is better therefore it is wrong to say that even in one case?


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