Ithu chumma trailer thaan ma !!


Flying cars, Kudumi mama, Mottai paati, Daler Mehndi, Apollo 13 and the Oval office. It’s an all encompassing, a very shankar-like, trailer. Hurray !!

Himesh sure did his job pretty well, atleast in this trailer. I’m sure Rahman and Kamal, mutually missed each other.

7 responses to “Ithu chumma trailer thaan ma !!”

  1. Guru Prasath Avatar

    The re-recording is done by Devi sri prasad, not Himesh. So, Himesh has not shown off his stuff yet. Will wait till 25th April.


  2. Sneha Avatar

    Hi LG, I thot rerecording is by Devisri prasad … so the trailor music may not be of Himesh’s .. and ya i agree with wht u say .. ARR/Kamal combo wud have given a diff dimension to the same movie 🙂


  3. Directhit Avatar

    Guru, super trailer – nethu night 1 AM varaikkum muzhichu paathachu 🙂 – these are supposedly the 10 roles –


  4. cine rasigan Avatar
    cine rasigan

    If you overcomplicate a plot, it requires great treatment to keep common audiences glued for 3 hours. Unfortunately, Kamal doesn’t have a reputation of doing it well.

    Al Gore, Ramanujan, Quantum Physics, Dvaita philosophy, flying cars, crashing trains, Matrix Stunts – I am afraid the movie can be a sandwitch of Kamal’s Itho Par World Encyclopedia Matter and KSR’s amateurish Masala-ism .

    A simple story interestingly told is much better than stuffing all the issues of the world in a 3 hour movie. Kamal can testify this truth himself – Thevar Magan, Nayagan, Indian had a simple story to say and was told interestingly!

    I love the person as much as some of you here but from the trailer I don’t think I can expect a masterpiece. Whatever, it will be great to watch him play 10 different roles.


  5. Thiru Avatar

    After watching the trailer 2 or 3 times, I found out that the background score is copied (poor effort though) Spider Man 3 teaser. Watch it here


  6. lazynerd Avatar

    A role is VERY similar to Indian thatha.
    10 roles and already found a copy / rehash

    And no, guru,
    this trailer gives away some interesting elements of the movie, unlike Shankar’s traier, which try to leave u in a guessing mood.

    But still, this trailer does at least 70% that of a Shankar trailer


  7. Gowri Shankar Avatar

    I felt a bit disappointed about the trailer. Not so impressive. Also, I had to strain my eyes while watching it. Too many cuts for a two minute trailer. Should have been much more stylish and innovative. Very ordinary effort.


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