During the early 90’s before Michael Learns to rock hit India with a boy band status, I heard them through CDs that my friend’s friend got from the US. Johnny Hates Jazz (remember the shattered dreams number) was a similar band with great numbers on their first album. MLTR’s Colours was their first biggest hit and it was released in ’93. The next album, Played on Pepper, had a great number That’s Why.

With Paint My Love album the ind-teens and MTV celebrated them as an usual mushy mushy boyband and chicks went gaga for them. But thats when I started to hate them.

Last week, I put together a 90’s pop hits CD and MLTR’s songs were also some of them. My first favorite was Sleeping Child but I have out-grown that song now and just can’t listen to it. Someday Someway and 25 minutes are two numbers that I keep humming usually. Wild Women is a philosophically cool number but Paint My Love sucks, big time.

Great memories of my first Sony CD player and MLTR CDs. For now, someday is the one on the hotspot.

In my search for freedom
And peace of mind
I’ve left the memories behind
Wanna start a new life
But it seems to be rather absurd
When I know the truth
Is that I always think of you
someday someway…

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