Blogging the Cricket Phenomenon

Where are these so-called-kings ? The Super Kings of Chennai. Chennai Super Kings‘ site still throws a – The page cannot be found. Khan’s Kolkatta team has their site atleast half-built.

There is a huge opportunity to blog this IPL cricket fever. Afterall movies and cricket unite us more than anything else. I’m sure there are companies out there cracking their minds to build sites and business models around this. Blogging will certainly play a huge role as the crowd becomes information hungry.

It’s not a stock market. No one is going to be benifitted on the short run. Only blogs that have a regular postings, great user interface, less ad-blocks and bite-size information will sustain the long run. But if you are crazy about cricket and would like to have your say on this arena of the blogosphere, just book your domain and start typing. If you are smart, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to start a IPL cricket blog on or which are mere sub-domains. It’s already over-crowded there.

If you are bunch of college grads and would like to start a cool company around this IPL phenomenon, a blogging network, which hosts a blog/micro-news-site for each of the teams would make a great deal of sense. You don’t need tons of money to start this. All you need would be one hosting account these days, to host numerous sites.

As IPL grips India, the early birds to this IPL blogging will have a great say. So if you would want to start, today is the day.

P.S – BTW, I recently booked Go Chennai Super Kings !! [Go CSK] just so some damn domain squatter doesn’t walk away with this golden domain. I’m probably not going to do anything with it so if in case you really want to create a blog around this domain, I can certainly part with it.

6 responses to “Blogging the Cricket Phenomenon”

  1. Maverick Avatar

    That shows the lack of marketing strategy on part of India Cements. Trust SRK to outdo the rest of his rivals when it comes to marketing his team. He didn’t get into IPL for no reason than making big bucks out of it. Agree that everybody else entered for the same reason, but I think SRK would be the first one to break even and I am telling this without knowing the performances of his team. Such is his marketing skills and his charisma and he is a master at how to market himself and his team pretty well. Not just the website, he has also got Vishal-Shekar to compose the team anthem already and is going full guns blazing to promote the team. Now that he has called himself a team member doing the 12th man duties, trust him to come up with some great entertainment packages at the Eden Gardens during the matches. SRK carrying the drinks, dancing during the break – everything you can think of.

    LG, by the way how much are you looking for selling that domain? 😉


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Chandru, //LG, by the way how much are you looking for selling that domain? ;)//

    No sales ma!! Just the cost of the domain.

    Abhishek, Hope it turns out to be true. Irrespective of whoever is acting, if only he makes a tamil film, I will be happy.


  3. Abhishek Avatar

    Srsly i am dying to watch a movie of his in tamil…like i am jus 17 n didn know ne scene in anjali n iruvar n all..still had so much of awe wen it came to manis movies..n after watchin these gems of love for him has jus increased!!


  4. Rathnavel Avatar

    Dear Guru Anna

    Hope you could have created a domain for Chennai Superstars also


  5. balabo_zc Avatar


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