Got Spam ?

Install Akismet and you are on your way to glory.

I unplugged the frustating re-Captcha thingy and installed the Akismet Plugin for Movable Type and the spam is all gone. While reCaptcha was good enough to keep the spammers away, it also kept the commenters away, specially me. Because I was so bored to comment on this blog myself.

Akismet hasn’t let even a single spam comment as legitimate in the last 2 weeks or so. So far so good. And it did catch 300+ spam comments. I’ve been cribbing about spam for more than 3 years now and atleast I’m getting some peace.

I love you spammers and please get me more spam !!

3 thoughts on “Got Spam ?

  1. Yeah Akismet is the best. In more than one year now, Akismet had not caught only 4-5 spam comments in my blog. And the no. of spam comments it had caught runs into thousands.


  2. ok now lemme try

    want some dee vee dee of rajini’s sivaji?
    go to double u dubble u douuble u. sivajitheboss. cee oh m
    note that the letters are spelt out as they are pronounced and should not be entered the way they are.

    so guru, can u beat this one?


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