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Billa was painful. Excruciatingly. Even the best guy to do this remake job, Vishnuvardhan, failed, big time. With Billa, Ajith has exhausted all his options. What’s left ?

Go back to the drawing board(if there is one), and he should rethink his options. He should be looking at his career and verify his career highs. Aasai, Kathal Kottai, Kadhal Mannan, Vaali and Dheena. The rest of his films are pure crap or moderately interesting films. All the above films are major hits, with due credits to the director/story/screenplay. Isn’t it time to get a class in acting(the one that includes dialogue delivery) ? Seriously, no jokes.

The only other way, Ajith can pick up his career is comparing himself to Vijay, which is invariably happening, thanks to the fan clubs. But this wouldn’t be fruitful to him. Why ?

Vijay’s major success stems from the fact that he has accepted his limitations and started to tread on the path that has been laid by yester year heroes with similar limitations. Vijay should thank Rajini for being a veteran on this route. And he does.

Can Ajith pick-up the heroic path of Vijay. NO. Why ? Because heroism doesn’t happen. One has to create it. Not a single scene of Billa, Ajith was trying to be heroic, including the scene where Ajith escapes from the bridge by diving down. There isn’t a movie where I’ve seen Ajith as heroic as Vijay. And that’s why he shouldn’t be compared to Vijay.

Part of Ajith’s success comes from his cool personality, lover-boy image, a typical middle-class south indian boy. A good family drama, a neat down-to earth comedy film can do the magic. There are hundreds of stories and tons of directors waiting for Ajith to make this happen. And Ajith has been quite successful to pick up fresh talent. It’s just that he has shunned them for some time now.

There are two directors whom I really think can give Ajith a break provided Ajith changes his mindset and starts to concentrate on his areas of improvement. Not Mani Ratnam. Not Shankar. Go Figure.

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19 responses to “Jabber – On Ajith”

  1. rsl Avatar

    S.J.Surya and MurgaDoss??


  2. sureshkumar Avatar

    Ajith’s performance in Kandukonden Knadukonden is the one i liked in which Ajith was so natural and comfortable… and the two directors may be

    Radha mohan and Selvaraghavan


  3. narsidude Avatar

    Hi LG,

    I totally second your note on Ajith. Neither he can be compared with Vijay nor can be heroic. The director whom he can rely now is K.S.Ravi Kumar and VetriMaran???


  4. gp Avatar

    Two directors…out of a dozen…yare?

    //Part of Ajith’s success comes from his cool personality, lover-boy image, a typical middle-class south indian boy. A good family drama, a neat down-to earth comedy film can do the magic.//
    —>totally true.


  5. Ramanan Avatar

    “There are two directors whom I really think can give Ajith a break provided Ajith changes his mindset and starts to concentrate on his areas of improvement.”

    Likes of Perarasu and dharani, you are asking for some more useless directors to Tamil cinema…..

    I hope lazygeek should stay away from this greats Vijay&Ajith at any cause both of them have no intentions to give a quality cinema.


  6. Sriram Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Though I agree on almost all of your posts, I would differ on this one. Well, Ajith has had his share of highs and lows. He has some weaknesses undoubtedly, like the dialogue delivery as you said. But I would say that he has the biggest and one of the most loyal group of fans. That should explain the kind of opening that all of his films have been getting when compared to that of his contemporaries including Vijay.

    Vijay is also different from Rajni. The period when Rajni grew to super stardom by acting in many commercial films in the late 70s and 80s is different from Vijay’s time. One should admit that we cannot find a better dancing hero than Vijay in Tamil now. That said, I have hardly seen Vijay portray any emotions or expressions on his face in his movies. I think that his monotonous style of delivering dialogues is as much as weakness as Ajith’s. You can categorize all Vijay movies into a fight – song – fight formula. This explains the reason why some of Vijay’s films flop in spite being the same as all of his movies. The ones that were different like Kadhalukku Mariyadhai have been director’s movie.

    Before Rajni became a commercial hero, he had shown that he had the potential as a good actor in movies like Mullum Malarum, Thillu Mullu, etc.

    Vijay has been successful hugely due to interest that he could generate among the front-benchers.

    Experimentation is one of the key factors for success in today’s movies, which I see as a difference from the ones in 80s. That should explain the success stories of Surya and Vikram. Ajith may have failed in his experimentation exercise till now, but it is always good to try to be different. May be his choices of experimentation were not that good.

    Sorry to bore you with a long comment block..!!


  7. Suderman Avatar

    Good to see you back and be regular here again! 🙂
    Ajith used to be a decent actor till he got fascinated by crying. Amarkalam was the last movie I liked Ajith in and thought he had great promise… but he’s always gone on to cry like a wimp in every single film after that till Varalaaru… It is the most annoying sight to see a full grown man cry for nothing.
    From strictly that point of view, it was a relief to see him do away with his crying in Billa.
    Billa was a role that just required him to walk around in slow mos and not act at all but he tries so hard to be cool that you can see him stiffening his jaw muscles even when he just needs to have a straight stone face like Neo.
    For his own sake, I hope he stops trying to act and just be… Even Suriya has started doing mass-based roles but the way he carries them off with such natural ease is something Ajith can observe and learn from.
    Vijay is a natural too. These guys don’t try hard or at least dont make it look like they try hard… with Ajith, it is becoming obvious that he’s trying so hard to convince us that he can act.
    Oh, and for your sake, I’ve posted a video from the Saarang concert and an audio clip. 🙂


  8. Anonymous Arumugam Avatar
    Anonymous Arumugam

    Seriya sonada ambi. romba nanna diagnose panna. ejatly. But I disagree about Vijay – he can’t act either. But manages to pull it off because of autodrivers and the rest of his galeej fans. Ajith should go back to the drawing board as you say. Vasanth, S.J.Surya, Radha Mohan, all suit his personality.


  9. bmurali80 Avatar

    Vijay and Ajith – nice topic. For those people brushing Vijay off take a hike. He is a mass hero, no doubt about it, with story or without story he is the one generating enough hits in terms of box office and in terms of popularity.

    Having said that how many years can an actor like Ajith be treated as a person with the ‘promise to be…’ actor. I just loved Vaali, I thought he has finally arrived. Citizen was an attempt at stardom his acting as a fishermen leader was moving. But those are the bright spots and then he let it go…badly managed career by moving into so called passion of car race driving.

    How many people in Tamil nadu will kill to have looks like Ajith? It is ironical to see he is never ever able to raise above the crap he gives on screen each time. I was forced to sleep when watching Billa. Surya became a versatile actor only after going to acting school with Bala. Ajith must have done ‘Naan Kadavul’ for at least learning the nuances of acting. He missed the train and the media cried loud about Bala mistreating Ajith.

    Bala and Ameer can bring out some brilliant acting out of stone but is Ajith the right fit? I think it’s time to let him go and name him as the ‘promise to be…’ actor like Gemini Ganesan.


  10. Rama Avatar

    Gautham Menon , Ameer (or Bala)!
    Ajith’s ONLY strength is his loyal fan base.His career reminds me of Karthik’s movies in the 80’s. Maybe one good comedy script might save him, but no one except kamal can deliver good comedy movies although Chennai28 was very funny.


  11. Raja Avatar

    LG, Back to square.
    Ajith has the potential of doing risky characters than Vijay but he fails in choosing the movie and crew. After the biggest hit Varalaru no one would commit movie like Azhwar. But he did it.Ajith is successful untill NIK arts chakravarthy choosed movies for him. I could not understand the formula behind his mass opening and loyal fans despite of consecutive flops.

    I wish to add few more filims along with the career highs mentioned by u, Unnai Thedi, Villan n Varalaru.

    The two directors whom I think can give Ajith a break is K.S.Ravikumar n Sundar C


  12. guna Avatar

    i was initially pissed off after reading this article. after all media was claiming billa was a super hit and it was ajith’s finest performance till date. i was thinking maybe this article was biased :). but i happened to catch billa 2 days back. it was a wonderful opportunity gone waste for ajith. ajith should have realized that a lot of people would be watching this movie to judge him and all. so he should have taken some extra steps to be good (decent atleast). but the movie was plain horrible. ajith first of all should learn dialogue delivery and dancing (otherwise should avod dancing to mass numbers :(). the ones scenes i liked were when he was not talking anything (coincidentally this character suits him because he doesnt have to talk, just wear a sunglass and have a cold face – the last one is natural to him :)).

    like you said, ajith should go to the drawing board and see what characters would suit and re-enact them. anjaneya, jana, poovellam un vaasam, raja, jee, aalwar etc were really really bad choices :(. billa is a hit no doubt but i dont think it will save ajith’s career. mebbe he should ask mani, shankar, ksr or someone for a chance and just do it.

    good analysis lg.


  13. Raja Avatar

    nice comments suderman. in billa he tries so hard to be cool that he fails miserably. now i think that surya would’ve fitted the role to a T. and LG, dheena ellam hit na appo kandippa billa superhit dhaan.


  14. Mathan Avatar

    Vijay lover, thanks for proving yourself to be an utter dumbass. But seriously, I’m the dumbass that actually sacrificed time from my life reading your rubbish. Stop trying to be a die-hard movie critic. You would not recognise talent even if it slapped you right accross you face in broad daylight. Try keeping your gay hormones in check next time, and dont go get your panties wet the next time you see a Vijay movie.


  15. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //You would not recognise talent even if it slapped you right accross you face in broad daylight.//

    ajith or vijay…talents ? yeah right.

    recently, did u watch a movie mr.brooks performed by kevin costner. watch it and then let’s talk about kollywood and talents.


  16. aravind Avatar

    No wonder u liked Sivakasi…HUH…


  17. Billa Avatar

    Vijay is a piece of crap for tha kollywood industry with his cheap class (Pariya) Actin skills many people in the outer limits of tha city prefers to watch vijay kinda act coz all they know is a lenghty piece of crap (dialog) and stupid monkey styles…Ajith is a classy actor why didnt billa project go to vijay coz vijay only could handle one type of acting (poriki type), Ajith is capable of doin many risky characters…+ Ajith didnt come to tha industry with the help of his father where vijay came to tha industry with tha help of his dumbass dad..


  18. Mukund Avatar

    Of course T.Rajendarr and Ramarajan 😉


  19. thala fans Avatar
    thala fans

    thalapola varuma da asakamudyad


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