The Ash-Rajini Rumor, again

It is almost certain that India’s most sought after actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has signed the mega movie ‘Robot’ directed by Shankar. Aishwarya Rai will play the lead role as the pair to India’s biggest superstar Rajinikanth.

As we have mentioned earlier, Rajinikanth has been trying to cast the beauty queen in his film right from the days of ‘Padayappa’. His dream to cast her has finally come true in the biggest movie of his career.

Just the last paragraph is enough to put down the fame of Super Star. Rajini should sue Indiaglitz for this. Read some more juice here. It’s funny !!

6 thoughts on “The Ash-Rajini Rumor, again

  1. rightly scribed.. indiaglitz’s take is in bad taste…
    “As we have mentioned earlier…” did they, really?! kindof remember ash’s name being associated since the padayappa days.. but where does this news of rajni crooning about her being cast in his movies come up frm…


  2. These north indian guys are always so jealous about the god like stature of the south indian movie stars that they start writing crap about us whenever they get a chance. What the north indian fuckers do not realize is that they are demeaning their own group through such cheap tactics.


  3. //
    As we have mentioned earlier, Rajinikanth has been trying to cast the beauty queen in his film right from the days o

    Yes, thats true. In the 100 or 150th day function of Chandramukhi – he did say that “He wanted Ash to act with him and he was pressing for her cast”. I have seen that in TV. Anyway, Whats wrong in that?


  4. Leave North Indians. Let us retrospect, are we not hypocrites too?

    We eulogise black as dravidian color “Karrupp singam” “Karuppu than enakku pidicha color” but the fact is we are bunch of inferiority complexed guys.

    If not tell me why wud not rajni act with a black skinned heroine or for that matter any of our heroes?

    We say tamil tamil but we alsways look for north indian heroines.

    We relish improperly pronouced tamil songs. We show off with “englized Tamil”

    Why all this? Forget what others talk we have lot of cobwebs to clean.

    We do milk abhisekam and eat mannu sorru for Rajni’s film to suceed but he cooly invests money in bangalore and k’natak. For his b’day he choses to celeberate in Bangalore.

    We made a ridicule of ourselves by talking on Ram Issue and DMK chief calling Hindi as a foreign language.

    We r bunch of hypocrites


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