The Shankar Rant


The Pongal special interview with Director Shankar on Vijay TV was classy. Infact, its the best ever Shankar interview on any media. Shankar as usual was down-to-earth, straight and honest in replying to Gopinath’s questions. Gopinath known for his well researched questions, did a fine job of bringing Shankar to a comfortable state where the interview just rushed through like well crafted flick.

Though it was rehash of what Shankar had already written his auto-biography, Sankar Muthal Shankar Varai(in Kumudam), it was good to see him elaborate on the films he worked before making his first film, Gentleman.

The interview brought out the best from Shankar, his humor, his approach to films and surprisingly, his (non-existetent) views on Tamil Cinema. Shankar did agree that Sujatha’s dialogue(s) added to the success of his films and also gave distinct voices for his characters.

I’ve enjoyed most of Shankar’s films except the recent ones like Sivaji and Anniyan. And I’ve always seen Shankar as a director who makes films for his audience and not just for himself. They have mostly been pedestrian fantasy flicks but sometimes end as a nonsensical film like Sivaji, where the screenplay went off-track and wasn’t in his control.

BTW, if you can get a hand on the video of this interview, its a must watch.

2 responses to “The Shankar Rant”

  1. Shankar has lost stuff. He relies on mamoth sets, frills and songs with tons of publicity to run the movie. Anniyan was a crap and shivaji was a sh>>t


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