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The True Folkswagon

you can buy a tata nano

Sir, now you can buy a Tata Nano. Hurray !!

Business Week

It’s called the Nano, for its high technology and small size. It’s cute, compact, and contemporary. It’s a complete four-door car with a 623-cc gas engine, gets 50 miles to the gallon, and seats up to five. It meets domestic emissions norms and will soon comply with European standards. It’s 8% smaller in outer length than its closest rival, Suzuki’s Maruti 800, but has 21% more volume inside. And at $2,500 before taxes (value-added taxes increase the price by about $300), it is the most inexpensive car in the world. Starting this fall, the Nano will roll off the assembly lines at a Tata Motors (TTM) plant in Singur, Bengal, and navigate India’s potholed roads.

2 thoughts on “The True Folkswagon

  1. hey like the titl to this post “folkswagon” very innovative. as far as the carit looks preety cool i am not sure about the power aspect (only 33 bhp). and this pic is jus amazing


  2. We can travel in the car for some days… but later we would have to push it for it to move even an inch. There are many skeptic for this Nano car which they claim it as a humbug.


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