Enn Iniya Iyandhira !!


And what a robo-coaster it has been. Atleast I’m happy that its finally making it to the screen. If only Shankar gives up his vigilante genre, if only Rajini stops his vishk-vishk, if only Rahman gets back to his Thiruda Thiruda BGMs and if only Sujatha scripts a modern day science fiction, what a film this can become.

As of now, no one knows the story yet and it is certainly not Sujatha’s Enn Iniya Iyandhira. But then who wouldn’t love to speculate.

13 responses to “Enn Iniya Iyandhira !!”

  1. That pic’s cool…
    shankar and thalaivar could have their “creativity” curtailed by their “image”…
    but why isn’t rahman dishing out wonders like thiruda thiruda now? Those vivid orchestrations… those instruments that sound absolutely distinct and perfectly synchronized at the same time… let’s see who emerges MOM…


  2. Was there ever a serious Tamil SF movie before? I still remember Naalai Manithan and maybe Asuran. Naalai Manithan was good, atleast it was when I was small but dont know if that qualifies as a SF or Fantasy ghost flick.

    Hope Shankar pulls this off nicely, with a solid story. Coz SF will die if there is no good story, no matter who acts in it.


  3. Looks like there will be one more movie of Rajni before Robot takes off. Its supposed to be a remake of a malayalam movie ‘Kada Parayambol’ which released recently. Its going to be produced by K.Balachander. But the hitch is, its going to be directed by P.Vasu. I seriously wonder why. Why P.Vasu ???? Isn’t there any other better director in tamil industry for a movie starring the superstar. Maybe Chandramukhi was a huge blockbuster, but the movie was made pathetically. The brilliant script of Malayalam was ridiculously butchered ????


  4. “naaLai manidhan” was a remake of a Chuck Norris flick titled “Silent Rage”. Later on, they made “athisaya manidhan – naaLai manidhan 2”, inspired by one of the “Friday the 13th” movies. Thankfully, “thakkali” srinivasan gave up. I only pity my dad who had to take me to both these movies and sit through them.

    Wasn’t the original “en iniya iyandhira” (an incomplete remake without “meeNdum juno” ) also scored by ARR (or is that an urban legend) ??


  5. Rincewind, I dont this En Iniya Iyandhira(the tv ‘thodar’) was scored by rahman.

    Manju, Yes I did read somewhere about Mamooty’s Kada Paryumbol and Rajini accepting to make it before Robot. I am sure the video are of kada parumpol are not out of stock on all the video stores by now.


  6. //Was there ever a serious Tamil SF movie before?//

    Pratap Bhothan’s Atma, which was also adapted from a sujatha’s short story, devan varugai, started weel but then turned into a masala movie by the end.


  7. rice wind : music for en iniya iyanthira was scored by a not-so-popular music composer ‘thaayanban’.

    LG : videos of katha parayumbol ? No not yet.. the movie is running to packed houses at sangam complex 🙂


  8. ‘En iniya iyanthira’ was hired on doordarshan as a tv-serial during the 1990’s. it starred ‘sivaranjani’ and that little ‘robot’..it was successful due to a different story line and was fun. i remember watching it during my school days..


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