Pixar’s next production, wall-e, seems exciting. Wall-E is a story of a robot. Written and Directed by Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Nemo, Wall-E’s trailer is just so nice that it reminds me of Spielberg’s ET. Finding Nemo is my most favorite among Pixar’s flicks.

Pixar owns this site, Buy n Large, a fake site about a robot manufacturing company, possibly the one that creates Wall-E robot.

Summer of 2008 has an interesting line-up of movies at hollywood and Wall-E should be one among the toppers.

5 responses to “wall-e”

  1. gp Avatar

    the latest trailer looks too good. did u read the description, there will be live action humans in it, or something, and very minimal vocals. gonna b good me thinks.

    P/s: kennedys $98,091 —> this is wat I typed for the verification…hehe…its getting interesting all the time.


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    gp, live action humans should be nice because it will the first pixar movie to feature one.

    i do know about the captchas but that is shunnin away spammers and also manytimes, interested commenters.


  3. gp Avatar

    but the ones who really want to say something will surely do. and certainly the veris are much more fun here than blogger.


  4. Lakshman Avatar

    One of the trailor I saw was having a backdrop of real world (not an animated one) and the characters are animated. This one is pretty new from Pixar. Also SFO downtown theaters got Wall-E look alike outside – fyi. Hope Pixar will succeed again.


  5. Jay rogers Avatar

    It is funny how trailers to movies sometimes make the movie a heck of alot better than it would be. Any other good ones coming out this summer?


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