Pixar’s next production, wall-e, seems exciting. Wall-E is a story of a robot. Written and Directed by Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Nemo, Wall-E’s trailer is just so nice that it reminds me of Spielberg’s ET. Finding Nemo is my most favorite among Pixar’s flicks.

Pixar owns this site, Buy n Large, a fake site about a robot manufacturing company, possibly the one that creates Wall-E robot.

Summer of 2008 has an interesting line-up of movies at hollywood and Wall-E should be one among the toppers.

5 thoughts on “wall-e

  1. the latest trailer looks too good. did u read the description, there will be live action humans in it, or something, and very minimal vocals. gonna b good me thinks.

    P/s: kennedys $98,091 —> this is wat I typed for the verification…hehe…its getting interesting all the time.


  2. gp, live action humans should be nice because it will the first pixar movie to feature one.

    i do know about the captchas but that is shunnin away spammers and also manytimes, interested commenters.


  3. One of the trailor I saw was having a backdrop of real world (not an animated one) and the characters are animated. This one is pretty new from Pixar. Also SFO downtown theaters got Wall-E look alike outside – fyi. Hope Pixar will succeed again.


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