Original script wins. Pollathavan too. Except for a bad unrelated title(just to get some more rajinikanth fans to watch it) and some teeny weeny issues in screenplay, Pollathavan is one of the best scripts of the year. Like Gilli, it had a simple so-called-knot and no big missions to complete. Hence the screenplay moves seamlessly. Hats off to Vetrimaran(whoever he is), the director of this film.

The movie makes me believe that first-person narration is the most easy way to grip audience. Kakka Kakka proved it for the first time. And even more, Vetri Maran plays with two first person narratives in this flick. The narration juggles between protagonist and the villain, again seamlessly, in a interesting fashion. Loved every bit of it.

Unassuming cast, actual shooting spots (no sets), down-to-earth slang in dialogues, a well made climax stunt(after a long long time in tamil cinema) are the biggest strengths. Dhanush does a cake-walk. Except for some cliched expressions, Dhanush does a Kathal Konden again.

One of the best films of this year, don’t afford to miss it. Good luck to Vetrimaran !!

9 responses to “Pollathavan”

  1. The film was released along with ATM n Vel. The pre release analysis shows a tough competition between ATM n Vel ignoring Pollathavan. Both these film had a very good opening but failed to hold it for a week. But Pollathavan hit the box office slowly eventhough they did not released in multiplex.

    Why u have not mentioned anything about the villan Selvam. I think he is one of the key factor for the success of the film.


  2. Dear Guru,

    i have been reading your blogs for quite few years and recently when i read ur tamil short story ‘Appavin Thanksgiving’. it is really superb and i liked ur story very much, is it written by you, i felt a kind of reading sujatha story, btw i am also great fan of sujatha sir, as i could not write comment on kirruakl blog, i write it here


  3. Guru!
    Yes! Polladhavan was off-beat which makes it a hit. Do not miss Oram Po, Kalluri & EvanoOruvan
    Interesting & Surprised about Sathya’s comment on your ‘Kirukkal’.
    Actually even striked me that I could say what I wanted about your Tamil blog here(Anyway I will take your preferred route – Email!) But be prepared for comments about kirukkal here! (Anyway I don’t think you will answer them!)



  4. Dear Guru

    Pollathavan, is a film of rare breed, you can compare with some off beat movies like veyil,azhagi,kadhal in the commercial cinema. It opens a new door for presentation of skills of a screen play in a different way. Motor cycle used as a cliche to move the movie in to fast pace.
    Really we must thank vetrimaran for this novel venture. Dhanush in a interview said it took two years to materialise, since the director is a Assistant to Balu mahindra`s film. still more to discuss about the daniel. the future sathyaraj, rajini like potential he has.



  5. hello vettri maran sir,

    i am jegan from madurai

    pollathavan is a fantastic movie,

    that ok

    neenga next padam thanush a vachu madurai a suthi padam pannaporatha kelvipatten antha padathula enna assistant director a sethukkonga sir

    ennudaya kanavu assai elaamey ungala mathiri periya director aaganumnrathuthan


    please contact me sir




  6. I cant beleive we indians appreciate the directors for copying movies blindly or somehow , and original script wins ? please do they even know what it is .


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