The Rant

It’s been raining the whole of the weekend. Was tied to the home, being lazy and watching television for a good portion of this long weekend. Something that I did after a long time.

Its a very bad movie season at Hollywood and Kollywood. Recently I moved to the sitcoms. Completed the third season of Desperate Housewives. Currently watching the first season of NBC’s hit show, Heroes. Also started to watch Friends from it’s first season. I completed a round last year. This is a second trip to the Friend’s galaxy.

By the way, unlike many of the fans, Ross Geller and Phoebe Buffay are my faves.


Director Vasanth has a cool interview on alongwith Nitin Sathya, the villain of his latest movie, Satham Podathey. Vasanth is one of favorite directors of Kollywood. However, I have to say that he wasn’t so careful on choosing his film subjects. Probably Nerukku Nerr was a start to that carelessness. His next film Rhythm had a great subject but also had a pretty uninspiring script. Hey Nee Romba Azhaga Irukka was a classy film with a great script. I don’t think anyone even cared to watch the film.

Vasanth’s uniqueness is to allow his characters speak their natural language and be themselves. Having introduced some of the movers and shakers of kollywood from Simran to Jyothika to Surya, Vasanth still has very low profile. And that’s probably why he is a misfit to Kollywood.

Am still waiting to watch Satham Podathey hoping its probably one of the better films of what can be called as a continuing diastorous year for kollywood.


Being on the subject of this year’s best films of kollywood, my list is currently restricted to two films – Chennai 600 028 and ‘Muthazhagu’ fame Paruthi Veeran.

Kamal’s Dasavatharam has all qualities to join the list. Probably Tamil M.A too. I watched the trailer of this Jeeva starrer Tamil M.A and I am already wanting to watch the film.

This year’s biggest let down was undoubtedly, you know what 🙂


Watched Sivaji over the weekend for the second time. No word on how the movie fared the second time around.

But here is something that Shankar should do before he starts to make the next hype at the bollywood level, watch just two movies.

a) Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto
b) The Lives Of Others

These are certainly not the only best movies now. But this is what the contemporary cinema has to offer. And creators should atleast watch these movies before they start yapping about their so called tight-scripts.

17 responses to “The Rant”

  1. Arun Avatar

    Hi check out this thalivaar gallery on dasavatharm in

    Kamal’s ‘Dasavatharam’


  2. prakash Avatar

    Hey Nee Romba Azhaga Irukka was a classy film with a great script

    i beg to differ saar :-). Worsest filim by vasanth’s standard.


  3. Sriram Avatar

    I wonder why ‘Mozhi’ had not figured in your list of good films that were released this year.!!!


  4. gp Avatar

    Movie Talk! Yes!

    NiRombeAlaga was a movie movie. It was simple, nice and fast. Wish they make more of that.

    Haven’t watched Sivaji yet, tried ignoring it and now feeling fear everytime I think of it. The only Tamilian who havent watched it, yes me. I’m rooting for Deepavali release on tv in Malaysia…who knows. 😀

    Apocalypto…was simply stunning.


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar


    Yeah, I thought whoever watched it should have hated it and that’s probably why no one else saw it.

    Personally I thought it was real and down to earth.

    Sriram, I think Mozhi was hyped and didn’t have a great script. It was Prakashraj’s marketing all through the way to potray it as a family likeable film. It was clean and had its moments but that’s it. Wasn’t gripping as Paruthi Veeran or wasn’t fun as Chennai 28.

    Arun, Thanks. I saw those picture before. Looks like Kamal is controlling what pictures can be released to the public. Which is good for us so that the suspense awaits us till the deepavali.

    GP, You have to watch it.


  6. Arun Avatar

    Madhavan and Sangeetha starer ‘Evano Oruvan’ is good movie yet to be relased. i have read some news on web abt this movie, it is has been made in hindi earlier and a big hit and a different story abt common man

    check it out the stills of this movie



  7. Nitin Avatar

    Desperate housewives ah, enna koduma LG idhu. paruthiveeran chennai 28 good movies, cannot wait for dasa, although i feel i will be let down with all the excessive hype going on abt the movie.


  8. Crazemaze Avatar

    YNRAI was a brilliant movie. There is something natural in a vasanth movie. not much of heroism (except the junk remake of Agni nathcathiram). Songs are brilliantly picturised. But Satham podathey – something is missing.

    Btw, my fav is chandler bing..


  9. Sirpy Avatar

    Mozhi was hyped, I do agree. But unlike Paruthiveeran, it did not stoop to artificial mannerisms and cliched roles to develop the characters. I felt Mozhi more down to earth and paruthiveeran slightly exaggerated. The ending was the only thing that sounded “ethartham”.

    Btw, Chennai 600028 rocks. 🙂


  10. Sirpy Avatar

    Whoa, I completely agree with Sirpy. *nods aggressively*
    Mozhi was no big shakes really, but it was at least not a con job on the audience like the utterly vacuous Paruthiveeran.
    All said and done, Chennai 600028 is easily the best thing to have happened in 2007. All hail Venkat Prabhu, and await his next Ezhu!


  11. Zero Avatar

    Oops, embarrassing goof-up. The last comment was mine. 🙂


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Zero sir, not a problem. I happens.


  13. Sachita Avatar

    Hey Nee Romba Azhaga Irukka preferred over rhythm? Hey rama.

    I felt it was the other way around. Rhythm – was a classy film with a great script and HNRAI – had a great idea and not a great script.


  14. Sanajay Kumar Avatar

    Mozhi definitely is a urban “antidote” for a rural Parutheeveeran.Although I haven’t seen Parutheeveeran,it no way diminishes Mozhi’s brilliance.It has that cool sophistication and subtelty which is quite rare in Tamil films.In fact I have penned my own opinions on Mozhi in


  15. guna Avatar

    Hi Lg,
    I always appreciated your thoughts but I am not sure why you think a particular movie was a letdown and dasavatharam is going to join the list of quality ones. Dont you think it is a bit early to comment on a movie which is going to release next year? (unless of course u are “just” a die hard fan of kamal). I am eagerly waiting for it too but please do remember aaalvandhan (it had one of the best cast and crew ever :)). Please dont be prejudiced or biased in your reviews.


  16. musRoolla Avatar

    hey 🙂
    its very interesting article.
    Nice post.
    realy gj

    thx 🙂


  17. Watch Misfits Avatar

    Nice post. Thumbs up!


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