Getting ready for the holiday season

amazon remodeled

Not me but Amazon is. Their remodeled site went live today and it looks a lot cleaner from all the clutter before. This is probably their first biggest re-design in the last 5 years.

The US holiday season will kick-start in a just a couple of months and Amazon should be getting ready with their big-plans, just like the last year.

It looks like LCD HDTVs(not the boring plasmas or rear projection stuff) are going to enjoy huge pricecuts during this holiday season. My guess(just my stupid guess) is that 42″ LCD HDTVs with 1366 x 768 resolution will be available during the Black Friday for as low as $550 – $600, pre tax. Wait for the holiday season and if my guess goes right, send me a box of rava ladoos.

7 responses to “Getting ready for the holiday season”

  1. Rama Avatar

    This holiday season will also determine the future of Blu Ray Vs HD DVD. My opinion – Both will die out like SACD and DVD Audio.


  2. Sathish Kumar Avatar

    walmart too has got great plans for this holiday season. last time, they were the one who introduced hugeee price cut for HDs.


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    And Satish, I have already stopped to beleive that Walmart can rock the US holiday season. The last two years were a disaster for them.

    Esepcially the web only retailers were engaging big time in price cuts while walmart just lost out to them in 2006. Lets see what they can do this time.


  4. Gadhadhraya Avatar

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  5. Hively Avatar

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  6. Antique Ring Avatar

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  7. Odell Hallet Avatar

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