An ode to the critics – ART !!

Prasanna‘s next short film, ART. The film is a review by itself. Hence no review for this short except for an adjective, brilliant.

9 responses to “An ode to the critics – ART !!”

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. For some reason it seems like a comic take on Manoj Shyamalan’s opinion of reviewers (from “Lady in the Water”). There seems to be a burgeoning independent movie market in India, wonder if the production houses are looking at servicing it. Thanks for linking back to Nambum Poi as well. There is a one minute film festival on PFC, know any1 who might be interested?


  2. Keerthi, I can just smile 🙂 You are on-target.

    Deepak, Welcome to the commenting club.

    //There seems to be a burgeoning independent movie market in India, wonder if the production houses are looking at servicing it.//

    Didnt get this part of your comment. Are you referring to short films here because if independent films are produced by studios they cease to be a indie films.

    There are indie films that are bought by studios after they are made(kind of like Gautam menon’s method in India) which is good. But if studios sit together and decide to produce a indie film, well they end up being mainstream with compromises. Agree ?


  3. Well 2 items as a response.
    1. I did say producion house, so it doesnt necesarily have to be a studio. But I do think studios would work too as mentioned below.
    2. What really makes an independent film is low cost and complete creative freedom. The first film for most independent movie makers will be unsupported of course. But after that, if a studio validates the filmmakers talent they can provide budgeting for another such feature. They could conduct a certain level of market research based on the script (important to have a bound script here), determine what sort of revenue stands to be made, determine a margin then apportion money for advertising and production.

    Also it will be easier for the film from a distribution standpoint. Just an idea … Its not like I am pitching it to AVM.Saravanan. At least not yet :)!


  4. Deepak,

    Yeah please dont pitch it to AVM already 🙂

    The model that you are suggesting is a welcome model and has been in practice at the hollywood for sometime now. It hasnt been copied at the woods of india but I think it should be.

    Spanish directors and many other indies got their recognition of studios only after their indie hits. So I think we should certainly go that route but certainly not AVM!!


  5. I’m aware that Hollywood uses the same format. They however use subsidiaries to fund the movies and usually only half the costs or less sometimes. But this sort of corporatisation is the best way to lend some sort of legitimacy and centralization to sporadic efforts that might go unnoticed. Your right, AVM is probably the worst place to go. I didnt know Gautham Menon had a company that did this. Madras Talkies/RaajKamal maybe? Even though they arent studios and there might need to be some attention to finances, it will be easier to get distributors. (This might also be my Mani/Haasan bias talking). Guess I have things to do before my India trip :).


  6. Gautam’s company, Photon Factory does not fund other movies, rather they produce movies like indies and sell it to major studios. So they do the production work and they sell it on a first copy basis to prod houses.

    gives them the best of both worlds. trouble free production and no worries on the distribution front.


  7. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post, but somehow couldn’t manage to do it earlier.

    This is a brilliant short. I like the way it turns the tables upside down by entirely staying with the point-of-view of “the work of art.” However, just an interesting concept won’t automatically make a good short film. The writing is also superb here. I loved the closing lines! Like the “art work,” there is something so Indian about the film too. The lines about being “left-leaning” and “right-leaning” were hilarious.


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