Films, Faith and Friendship

Now that Google Video’s Pay-to-Play store is closed, I was searching the Charlie Rose interview and found this gem. Though, I watched this interview before on Pan’s Labryinth DVD, thought it would be a great pointer for film buffs.

Charlie Rose interviews three mexican directors who are shaping hollywood with their films. Alphonso Cuaron (director of Y tu mamá también and Children of Men), the fantasy whiz Guillermo del Toro (director of Hell Boy and Pan’s Labryinth) and Alejandro González Iñárritu (director of Amores Perros(inspiration for Mani’s Aayitha Ezhuthu) and Babel) are three friends, who are also incidentally film makers.

This interview talks about their faith on each other and also how their appreciation and criticism on other’s work, elevates all three of them. While my personal favorite is Alphonso Cuaron, I also enjoy del Toro’s work. Alejandro was simply astounding in Babel which I think it one of best movies of last year. Cuaron’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is the most stylish Potter movie in that series.

With tons of humor and some sneak peaks into their film-making process, this is a great interview. I wish it was longer.

4 responses to “Films, Faith and Friendship”

  1. gp Avatar

    Watching Y-Tu-Mama Tambien was a revelation, great story telling and a great travel movie. Its like always wanting to tell what we like and want to do, visually and finally seeing Cuaron achieve it with such candor and fluency. And Gael Garcia is one of the best.

    I wonder if Alejandro always follows that 3 or multiple storyline formula, but he made is blend so much better. Well, maybe Mani would have hit it without the songs, or a shorter movie. But agreeably all the are heralding a new generation of movie making, now the only thing left is for the wider world to notice (if they haven’t already). But then again, commercialism will kill the fun.

    P/s: Pans Labyrinth is very much like a Neil Gaiman universe, have you watched Mirror Mask LG?


  2. Thilak pratap selva kumar Avatar
    Thilak pratap selva kumar

    Mirorrmask – I’ve heard of it. Read that the storyline is weak.

    LG – Thanks a ton. Three of my favorite contemporary directors. Excellent. As you said, I wish it was longer. BTW, I would say that Cuaron’s HP3 is the best of the first four. And I haven’t seen the fifth one yet. What do you think of it?


  3. gp Avatar

    Thilak; yes the storyline is classic Gaiman, so only hardcore fans, but the visuals are great. I heard stardust is in the same genre, not fan hits but cult hits. Even Pans Labyrinth is not a mass hit, but is receiving a cult following.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    GP, Have heard of Neil Gaiman and Mirror Mask but haven’t watched it. I read the reviews and they are like

    Thilak, I havent watched the fifth one yet. I will wait for the DVD but the 3rd one was class.


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