The end or what ?

The online version of Katrathum Petrathum says “முற்றும்” at the end. Not sure if it was a typo or if the series has ended for good. This one was the fifth serving that started last July.

Even on the saturday ambalam chat with Writer Sujatha, nobody talked about this. Since I hadn’t read this week’s serving of Katrathum Petrathum by then, I was also talking about En Iniya Iyanthira and other things.

Can someone verfiy this from the print edition ?

6 thoughts on “The end or what ?

  1. I am not sure whether it is the end, all i do know is that sujatha is away for about 10 days to bangalore to finish of writing the screen play for Robo (it would then get translated into hindi later) and hence for a few days his writing assignments are off!!!


  2. Dindi,

    Yeah I thought so. Thanks for confirming that. Sujatha was also not there was ambalam chat for the last two weeks.

    Would love to see Shahrukh play Sujatha’s protagonist.


    from rangarajan S hide details 11:27 am (7 minutes ago)
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    subject Re: Capital punishment. God plays with the dice ?


    vikatan wanted to end it



  4. Dindi,

    Thanks for that piece of email. Pretty evident who wanted to move on. I dont know why thwy wanted to finish it despite KP being the best of columns that has ever come in vikatan.

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