Suhasini partly scripting Guru

On Mani Ratnam’s Guru

I have scripted the first 20 scenes of Guru. Mani bought me a ticket and asked me to go to England, where my sister lives. He sent me blank paper and some ideas, so it was a paid holiday. Mani grew up in the city, whereas I am from a small village even though my family was full of lawyers. I went to a government school and know the nuances of village life better. Guru is a village film in the beginning, before it shifts to the city.

On working with Mani Ratnam

Mani wanted me to work in Anjali, but he thought even that wasn’t good enough for me. He wanted to have something substantial to cast me. I would like to be directed by Mani Ratnam but, of course, it is not a big deal. I know the man. I think Balachander will make me act better. Mani’s characters will be good but, when it comes to performance, I think Balachander is even better; or, for that matter, Bharati Raja, Mahendran or Kranti Kumar. Mani has considered me for many of his films — Mouna Ragam, Nayagan (for the daughter’s role). He is a good director — he does not need a co-director. He just needs help with writing so he can concentrate on the making. I wrote the dialogues for Iruvar.

Read more from the Rediff’s interview with Suhasini Maniratnam.


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  1. Aemilius Paulus Avatar
    Aemilius Paulus

    Lazy Geek,

    I petition to you o great, invincible emperor of Rome. Please, please will you reinstate me. You must listen to what I say. Or at least give me a link to a website that will be receptive to my most perceptive of comments.

    Thank You


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    Sombaeri Dibukku,

    Naan unaanda petisan potukuren, oh raayapetta raasa. kenjikiren, kenjikiren nee yenna aatathukku saethuka ba. naan inaa solreno adha meeraathe. enaku nee daavu katra valaiku oru connecson kudu, yaaraachu en saarp aana aalosanaiku kaadhu kuduka sollo enaku romba mansu gujaal aayrum ba.

    nandri thala

    aayakada parthibanu


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    meant to write this as a “PS”
    here u go:
    PS: in Mayilsaami style (Pennin Manadhai Thottu)


  4. Jacky Avatar

    “Mani wanted me to work in Anjali, but he thought even that wasn’t good enough for me.”

    She must be kidding! Revathy was beautiful and subtle in Anjali. Suhasini in that role would’ve been a disaster!
    She needs someone who can overuse her gullible smile and funny histrionics i.e. Balachander.


  5. krishlakshman Avatar

    Suhasini has that intellectual arrogance that gets obnoxious at times. This interview is one example. She thinks she represents the rural tamilnadu while she has no clue about the rural culture. Indra was an ambitious and good theme, but failed miserably due to lack of nativity…like lower caste girls singing ‘Nila Kaikirathu’! It would be better if she leaves Mani alone..


  6. Flavius Stilicho Avatar

    Lazy geek,

    I wish to pose a comment directly to yourself. Indians must be happily receptive to open criticism. Many upper-class Indians should “shrug-off” their consdescending, flamboyant, patronizing, ostentatious, demeaning behaviour.

    Thank You


  7. Ramesh Avatar

    intellectual arrogance – that is in the Kamal family’s blood

    she can talk about only Balachander & Kamal – who/what else she knows..?

    she once said, when Rahman can give a song like “Pani Vizhum Malar Vanam” then i’ll agree he is a good music director… who is she…?

    it’s a curse a very few people in india talk for all – the whole country – the movie industry – the world – whatever… just like that… Amitabh – we don’t need oscars – indian movies are better than hollywood… things like that… as if “they” represent the film industry… all of the women in india…

    “I have been offered a lot of Tamil films, but I will not do any unless it is extraordinary.” – don’t worry – keep waiting… already ugly like a p..! and these days people want azhagaana amma [Maalavika or Saranya] only…

    “And, being a perfectionist,…” oh, yeah? who the hell talks like this? other than the ignorant…

    “I would like to work with Kamal Haasan, but he is sceptical. I have no problem, but he can’t see me as a colleague.” – may be he knows you too well… Kamal’s heroines Gauthami, Rohini and even Simran are definitely better than Suhasini any day…

    “On balancing home and career” – what career..? Hanging in the limelight coz of Mani…?

    Mani seldom talks – and most of the time, proves with his work… Lady, you live with him..!