Malgudi ‘Doordarshan’ Days are back

T.S. Narasimhan, the producer of the hit 80’s television version of R K Narayan‘s Malgudi Days is back with the next installment. Shankar Nag who directed the 80’s show, has passed away. The ‘new’ Malgudi Day will be directed by Kavitha Lankesh. And I first read it on rediff, in an interview with Kavitha Lankesh.

To select 15 stories was quite challenging. I had to select new stories, as tales from Swamy and Friends had been done by Shankar Nag. So, I had to read all the works of Narayan again and took stories like Lawley Road, Snake Song, Salt and Sawdust.

I am getting a positive response. You should know that, when Shankar Nag directed the serial, there were more black and while TV sets and no private channels to compete with Doordarshan. Of course, Nag’s efforts were also classy. Things are different now, yet the reactions I have been getting are wonderful. I think my efforts have been widely appreciated.

From the interview, it seems like the broadcast has already begun. I’m sure it will be interesting to watch the post-2K Malgudi Days.

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  1. BNB Avatar

    Strange T.S.Narasimhan’s name should come up on your post – I visited my cousin a few days back in Basavangudi and she mentioned that he lived in the same street. It seems he is also related to Jayalalitha. Endraiya vetti seidhi.


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