American Sky

Last night, atleast half of the America public, lifted their heads to stare the twilight sky as 4th of July fireworks drew interesting geometric shapes. It was only then I had myself looking at the American sky for such a long time. The Independence day celebrations at the eastside of Seattle, is one of the popular ones. Its the biggest community gathering in Seattle. Other than fireworks, there was a fair and a live music show going on.

While the fireworks was on, The Bellevue Philharmonic played the theme of Mission Impossible. And yeah, it was so cool. Enjoyed the fireworks, had some elephant ears topped with cinnamon sugar and came back home.


4 responses to “American Sky”

  1. Somu Avatar

    Any pics to share ?


  2. narasi Avatar


    So you had a good time to view the loveable fireworks. Enna naama oru Deepavali nybagam vandhutha???


  3. gp Avatar

    fried doughnuts and fireworks…superb!!!

    Happy Independance day. Fourth of July alwaysa reminds me of the SF flick…Independance Day!


  4. Twisted DNA Avatar

    It’s cool that The Bellevue Philharmonic played while the fireworks were going on. Can’t imagine a better way to enhance the fireworks. But I wonder why they played MI instead of something more classy.. something more fiesty like Beethovans’s 5th, or Rhapsody on the theme or Piaganini etc.