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  1. hello Guru, lazygeek, we are very much from vellaala street Purasawalkam. I am refeering to yr article blogged long back. was searching for Kothamanagalam subbu sir, and some how landed here.
    If you wish you can take a peak at my english blog.www.kurungudi-valli.blogspot.com

    all my mamas who went toschool there are here in chennai only. I f you do not mind can you give yr thatha;s name.Manu,valli

  2. A telugu friend of mine dragged me to watch Pokkiri.Pathetic. Damilu cinema is plumbing new depths by indulging in such re-makes.

  3. If the PRabhu Deva – Vijay combo can churn out something as good as the Vijay – Lawrence song in Thirumalai, am sure it would rock !!!

    AM not sure if Deva has choreographed for Vijay before, but considering how good a dancer he (Vijay) is,I sure am looking forward to the songs… Mani Sharma did only good for Vijay in Shahjahan and Youth… Hoping for the best, though i have lost all hopes in Vijay !!!

  4. Pokiri rocked in Telugu and thats the obvious reason for it being rehashed in Tamil. People complaining that it was pathetic have missed something big here.

  5. Chandra:
    Hit = Good movie ? I don’t think so. Maybe that was refreshing to Telugu audience. It adds nothing here in Tamil – they make way better movies in of that sort here. Yeah, I did miss the garish colours in Pokkiri 😉

  6. Prabu Deva had a hit in telugu with NVNV that is bein remade by ravi’s bro.. as SSUE.. and now pokiri.. i hope this is better than the past vijay movies. yes, vijay is hot and happening, but doesnt mean to give out crap! Like Vijay says to Prakash Raj in Sivakasi, “Aappu Kannaku Theriyaduyooo”

    We Must wait to see the diaster.. i mean pokkiri

  7. i think he is destroying the tamil film industry
    once the Tamil fisms were dubbed(not remade)in Telugu and they were hits..but this fellow changed the entire system and brought a lot of idiotic stuff into the industry because he doesnt have any talent like vikram,surya etc.. all he can do is to dance for ‘kuthu’ pattu and shout at the villain…he is a curse to the Tamil film industry.

  8. Nice to start a topic on my favourite film POKIRI. Keep blogging more n more on pokiri. Best wishes to Vijay and Asin to Blast it again in TN.


  9. I heard Pokiri is the Industry hit film which has already collected 45+ crores and expected to be collect nearly 65 crores. It is very huge amount for regional language film…Lots of rambling going on…. It might have a potential stuff in it other wise why this guy will buy the rights spending lump sum amount of money…. (around 3 crores as official agreement and 4+ crores of unofficial) just for the remake rights…. I watched some trailers….think Ileena and Mahesh looks awesome pair…. but have to wait and see hwz it going to work with vijay and Asin. We cannot say any thing right now….. have to wait and see….

  10. Hi Thalaiva(vijay), I’am your fan. he is not an ordinary actor in south Indian film industry he is the son of tamil nadu(tamilan).

  11. Dear vijay,

    now a days u r telling too lies
    in u r interview that u r making some changes from the remake films
    u can cheat the tamil fans but not me. u know i am a real cinema lover
    i usedto see tamil and telugu films regularly especially chiru and mageshbabu and pawankalyans film.
    i have seen the gilli in tamil but i dint like u know
    the expression is different from mageshbabu
    u must train some what
    and the pokiri film i have saw it
    please dont make changes in it
    its a good screenplay
    and dont over act i must thank mister fepsi vijayan its excellent stunt. and mr mani for his music
    please do it what u have seen in dvd it will be good. please dont give lie interview in tami magazine here after
    u know one thing i told my firends that its a film for vijay if he acts he will gain a lot .
    like that please adaki vassssssi ille agagiduva thana. ithu nan sollale
    u too rajini fan. u know thalaiver na athu rajini than.
    u know one thing my place is arcot i used to comment in the first show of your film
    whle seeing the film i used to tel the story to the peple and abou the climax even in ninaithen vanthai badhri priyamanavale itss too old film pavithra bandham and pelli santhadi nenu premisthunavu and thammudu . especially please avaoid over acting and punch dialogue r u rajini

  12. sorry to post again i have read in a magazine that u have acted so far only three fils which is dubed. dont tell lie vijaynearly u have acted ten films and in whinch almost hit with super duper hit expect two

    u know pokiri will be a excellent dinner for tamil fans who have not seen vijay as a police officerr in tamil film.

    especially in climax only the fan will know that he is a police officer with an ips catageory.

    i just imagine and felt happy its a good opening for u to be a p[olice officerr story here afterr
    if u want to contact me please mail me u r phone number i will call vijay.
    bye have a good futuree but dont lie because u r earning the blood of tamil fans as u r wagges.
    with regards and warm regrds,

    arcot-632503 vellore dist.

  13. in pokiri vijay is a police officer its an suspence

    first he is a stunt man
    in second half at the climax no one canjudge that he is a police officer
    he comes as an police officer with ranked ips

    its a good dinner for his fans but not for me
    because i am thalais fan
    i mean ajith
    he is also a good actor
    i love his ssmartness and outspoken words really he is thalai. vazga thalai
    i can send him lot of stories wich is hit in other langauge but he wont like thats why i dint sent him so far
    but his good friend vijay likes dubbed fills thats why i am posting here
    vazga rajini-kamal

    elaiya thapathy and asai nayagan have to create some records all over in indian cinema always tamizan na vettri than
    bye en eniya tamiz makkale nan barati raja ille babu.

    vazga tamil and tamil makkal
    vazga vallamudan.

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