Unna Kootikittu Kadaikku Poren Unakku

Unna Kootikittu Kadaikku Poren
Unakku Vaendiyatha Vaangi Thaaren
Enn Veetukkuthaan Kooda Vaadi
Enga Ponaalum Kooda Vaa Nee

Naethu Unna Paakaliye – Ada
Enakinum Thonalaiye
Kaalaiyila Enna Aagum – Ada
Kalyaanam Yaarukaagum
Kaalaiyila Enna Aagum – Ada
Kalyaanam Yaarukaagum…

16 thoughts on “Unna Kootikittu Kadaikku Poren Unakku

  1. The lyrics of this song kind of made me cringe. But IR’s bass voice singing “….andha nilavum sadhuram aaguma” saved the day.

  2. //andha nilavum sadhuram aaguma//

    Wasn’t it “vatta nilavum sadhuram aaguma”. And sathuram was pronounced as sitharam making it more fashionable.

  3. guru- give the name of the song please. everytime i have to do a big investigation to find the song

  4. Hi,

    The song is from the movie Pudhupettai and the song is pul pesum poo pesum

  5. hey …
    This is Pul paesum poo paesum from pudhupettai and Vijay yesudas+Yuvan voice !!

    the lines that is mentioned here esp “kalayila enna aagum kalyaana yaarukkaagum” is by yuvan !!

    other male voice is Vijay yesudas !! female is Tanvi !!

    IR has sung only in pattyial .. namma kaatula mazha paeyudhu !!

  6. same here. I’ll be in chennai next month, so will catch it there if the dvd takes time.

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