11 thoughts on “Mani Ratnam’s Guru

  1. I dont know if its original, I saw this same poster on some other blog, and its supposed to be out of a calendar, and i think this poster is fake.

  2. Thats a clear spoof…

    another clue is that Sameer Chanda is the art director… is believed to have recreated mumbai 1970s in ymca grounds… some fabulously erected stretch of sets! Stunning is the word from my friend who witnessed it when was playing golf near the place.

  3. I have seen tht Daboo ratnani’s claender b4 i guesss AB jr. looks the same but the words made me belive tht to be GURU’s first poster

  4. It jus shows how gud indian photographers can be…dunno while lookin at the photo i get a feelin Mani sir might have liked it n taken it… might have some connection to the movie

  5. The poster is indeed fake. It was done by Bharat KV of the ARR fan group. You can see his name on the right side of the poster.

  6. Fake? You can see this Poster in the new motorola-slim commercial. It can be seen on top of abisheks bed. So guess it is true..

  7. love de font and the layout and everything..
    has a grungy effect to it..

    pity it’s a fake..

    – Imran

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