Kan Paarthu Kathaikka Mudiyaamal Naanum

Kan Paarthu Kathaikka Mudiyaamal Naanum
Thavikkindra Oru Pennum Neethaan…

Kan Kotta Mudiyaamal Mudiyaamal Paarkum
Salikkaatha Oru Pennum Neethaan


  1. Sorry to go off-topic..
    (Actually, I didn’t quite understand what the topic was in the first place 😉

    Anyway, to the amusement of lazy geek and his fans, I wanted to post this. Lazy, one day you may want to write an article about this person. He never fails to amuse me.


  2. Are you getting more romantic these days or are you getting more anxious about the release of VV??!!!

  3. Hey..
    I never watch or follow telugu movies, but those “Balayya” clips, were sent to me by someone and I thought that was the height of “Hero ridiculous(ness)” (if there is a word like that!)

    I think even Rajini does something silly like that in Padayappa, when he stops short, the charging bull :^)

  4. nice page..i too enjoyed the same lyrics frm the song “paartha mudhal naaley” frm VV..nice taste..u r an ananda vikatan fan too???

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