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Google’s products are like Rahman’s music. They grow on you, atleast for me. Read ahead.

Google Reader has now become a personal choice for me. I was enthusiastic when G Reader was introduced, the excitement was put down when I learnt the Reader wasn’t compatible with Firefox. Though it was resolved in the next few weeks, it’s only for the last month, I’ve started using only G Reader to read blogs and other news feeds.

Bloglines is such a robust app on the net for news feeds while Google’s Reader is slick and has a very intuitive user interface. The G Reader has an option to read the posts both chronologically and blog-wise. Intially I wasn’t comfortable with the chronologically ordered posts from various blogs. It needed a mind-shift, after being used to read posts blog-wise in Bloglines. Now after using it for well over a month, I’ve to say that I’m enjoying this interface which allows for lazy reading. If you wonder how to migrate from Bloglines to Google Reader, see this help text to export you Bloglines subscriptions as OPML file and this help to import that file into G Reader. Just two steps and you would agree with the analogy of Reader to Rahman’s music.

BTW it seems like Rajini & Rahman‘s Sivaji music would be out by March 10. Kamal plans to showcase the h(a)unting music on March 5th. I’m hoping the news on Sivaji music is just a hoax. Whoever wants the music to be out by march and wait until Diwali for the movie. Shankar must be crazy if he is aiming for this. Thanks Radhakrish for the link.

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  1. My Name is Billa Avatar

    It was a misleading report carried by a popular Tamil daily today. Fans were excited to read that Superstar would be releasing Sivaji audio on March 10 and that he would attend the function to be held at the AVM Auditorium at Saligramam. Producer AVM Saravanan has clarified that only Tirupathi audio would be released on March 10 and the Superstar has agreed to be the chief guest of the function. Rajini had requested that no political personalities should be invited and only cinema dignitaries should be allowed. Saravanan has agreed to the request.

    – Behindwoods news


  2. Shobha Avatar

    Hey…Thanks for sharing the link and no it was no self promotion. Well after reading it, I only feel envious. Damn, I really want to go to Mysore and even Purasalwakam to see his house….By the way, have you been there? DId you check out the place?


  3. keshav Avatar

    try for a nice web (2.0) based rss reader.



  4. kajan Avatar

    Excellent news. I too was raised an eyebrow about Sivaji audio release. First, Rahman never gives a good output when the work time is limited. Secondly, releasing the audio in March when I heard the film won’t release till next year, sounded crazy. But happy to hear that it will release in Diwali time.

    Hope Shankar and Rahman come up with a sensational album. Personally, I have been feeling that with each film they work together, the quality of the album as a whole has been reducing. Gentleman remains my fav of their combo.


  5. Premkumar Avatar

    Looks like this yr too seems to provide another healthy competition with ARR – Shankar – Rajini combo together with HJ – Gautam – Kamala releasing this yr …

    This is surely a double combo tht everyone is expecting 2 see sum day .. thank god it wud be this yr …

    juz my thots,


  6. Samy R Avatar
    Samy R

    Take a look at web based RSS Reader at I used to have PC based SharpReader. Not anymore. Gregarius Rocks.


  7. Saravanan Avatar

    Google Reader did worked in Firefox from day one. Reader had problems due to the large number of traffic on the day of launch. I agree with your comments about bloglines and google reader. If one got used to Bloglines kind of interface then it would be difficult for them to switch to Reader type of UI. But for a new user, doesnt make a difference. I am waiting for the release of Google Reader API [1] to switch. I am planning to build a custom view on top of Reader for me. Also dont miss the Chris Wetherell comments [2] in that blog post.



  8. Hawkeye Avatar

    I am beginning to be a bit scared of Google. Its going to turn into George Orwell’s Big Brother. And then all its “Do no evil” policy will be of no use.


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Saravanan, Thanks for the pointers. Good one.


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