Data Warehousing in a Flat World

A tipping point has been reached, and going forward, you will need only one kind of database to run both the transactional and BI parts of enterprise systems. There will still be different instances due to performance requirements to support diverging transactional and BI workloads, but they will both operate with the same database. Proprietary systems that operate with special purpose technology stacks and databases are out. Open systems – including de facto standard such as IBM DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server – are in. Open source databases will remain outside the mainstream due to lack of features, functions and experience, but will exert a remorseless flattening influence on the major players in downward pressure on prices.

Just like his other articles on Business Intelligence, in this well conceptualized column, Trends for 2006, Lou Agosta makes a daring thought about the world of Data Warehousing. He throws his views on how companies could derive value from their BI systems by employing open source architecture and low-cost servers. I only wish those corporates who are thinking a zillion times to data warehouse their systems would read this. Build Data Warehouses for cheap and Warehouse the world. For this is what every Data Warehousing guy dreams about.

2 responses to “Data Warehousing in a Flat World”

  1. preethe Avatar

    Wish the corporates truely understand the use of datawarehousing.
    We have few clients who have the licenses of very good DW tools but still stick to the old methods. Hope they undersatnd that things could be easily solved by using these tools rather than coding 100K lines ..


  2. mohan Avatar

    The customers do not change unless they are proved the worth of it. And I feel it’s our job to make them feel that the change will do good for them.

    I feel the toughest thing in DWH is to pick the BI tool. Reporting is different from analysis and differentiating the scope of reporting from analysis is even tougher.


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