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  1. After Kris. Srikanth, India has got a fiery swashbuckling opener in Vir. Shewag! Even if doesn’t get past 50, he doesn’t “eat” balls.
    Sachin – Legend, leave him alone as Kiran Moore said.

  2. It was a fantastic win indeed.

    Thalai – ore oru kelvi. Rang De Basanti Seattle la enga odudhu nu theriyuma?

    Ellorum adhai pathiye pesittu irukkanga…appadi ENNA than irukku pannakum.

  3. it was nice to hear that india won, perhapswe were the only people in India who were playing cricket while everyone was watching..does that mean its a good omen and we would have to abstain ourselves from watching teh match…

    the return of the little master blaster is the most heartening thing…

  4. The fortunes of the Indian cricket team are like the stockmarket. The same team which reached the finals of 2003 world cup stagnated within a coupd of years and Saurav Ganguly lost his job.
    So called batting strength is only on paper many times.

    Lets hope they don’t get complacent(hear lazy) and winning does not become greek to them.

  5. Yet another Victory! Is Dhoni becoming one of the greatest Indian players?? Power, stamina, speed,agility. Probably the only quality this guy lacks is grace. After 33 matches, his avg is 49 and strike rate is 102.
    On the other hand, Sreesanth has been terribly unlucky. Three catches were dropped by some of the best indian fielders – Dravid, Kaif and Gambhir. I hope they dont drop him for having given 70+ runs in this match.

  6. First it was Pathan, Sreesanth and R P Singh during the bowling. Agarkar is becoming more and more tidy. Only that he is no longer that sting bowler! Sreesanth was very unlucky! 3 drops is just too much!!
    Sachin coming back to form was a nice thing to happen. But getting out to an uncharacteristically cheap shot is not becoming of his stature. That too on 95. It could have been his 40th!
    Yuvraj – He is the Yuvraj to depose the Maharaj. (In case you didnt know, Saurav’s nickname is Maharaj).
    Dhoni – Pyrotechnics. July 4th Fireworks! Damn!! He reached his 50 even before I could realise…
    Dhoni’s innings had a major effect on the Indian Team. From needing about 90 runs in 80 balls, to 44 in 44 balls to 12 in 27 balls. That was the kind of power that Dhoni exhibited. Made light of the target.
    One of the most impressive wins away from India.

  7. And again, indians hv made it! this was supposed to be treated as a final match by pakis, as india were already leading the series by 2-1. and pakistan’s poor show and low score made the match less interesting.
    btw, idhellam konjam match-fixing madhiri theriyudhe…’Neenga test series yeduthukonga, naanga one-day vachikkarom’ agreementa??

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