Avatharam No.1

Avatharam no 1
[Via Arun Kumar]

Update Feb 07 – The above pic is confirmed to Kamal Hassan. This picture seems to be shot by Atul Kasbekar but there is no mention if this was for Dasavatharam or not. The link to the picture is here.

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  1. Subhash Avatar

    Dont you think Kamal Hassan goes overboard with his makeup stuff all the time. It is good to have a distinct look with each character but I’ve felt that he overdoes it. What do you think?


  2. tambram Avatar

    Talaiwa – awesome scoop!

    Any idea where one can get more info on Dasavatharam ? Plis to keep up constantly updated


  3. tambram Avatar

    One does wish our hero would lose a little flab though…he looks more like an urundai-nayagan rather than an ulaga-nayagan



  4. aNTi Avatar

    Tambram!!! ROTFL!


  5. Raja Avatar

    Even after 150 filims,with nearly 40 different get-ups, still his face holds some new avatars.Proud to have such an excellent artist in tamil flmdom.


  6. Raja Avatar

    Even after 150 filims,with nearly 40 different get-ups, still his face holds some new avatars.Proud to have such an excellent artist in tamil filmdom.


  7. Seetharaman Avatar

    I am sorry. Not impressed et al. For me.. looked like the joker Satyaraj.. esp cheeks.. tie not knotted properly.. What happenned to Kamal!! What happenned to his perfection..:-((


  8. Joseph Avatar

    On the first look, it did look like Satyaraj!


  9. My Name is Billa Avatar

    Not at all Impressive. Eddie Murphy had a very good physic, which helped him to do different getups. As some one mentioned Ulaga Nayagan is like Urundai Nayagan now. So bit difficult to tolerate all the 10 getups.


  10. Kowsik Avatar

    Kamal is a better director than a good actor of late.He wasted almost 6 years of precious time…had he taken direction as his primary job after chachi 420, hey ram – we would have got more bold themes and great cinemas of our lifetime ….

    Marudhanayagam , he can forget for now …like us..I am sure he can surpass mel gibson if he directs a movie with suriya or vikram…

    My wish:
    Kamal announcing a movie with the following crew…Sujatha,Ilayaraja only for re recording, AR Rahman for the title song, a bit song..PC Sriram, Suriya (Sivakumar’s or Jyothika’s and not SJ),Vikram as Suriya’s enemy, a good looking tamil actress, a beautifl love tragedy as the story backdrop, Ooty, chennai cenotaph road, nandanam as shooting spot and ofcourse first day first show ticket for me (ahem…let me be generous here…for all of us)


  11. manickam Avatar

    guru, where did thou get this pic from?


  12. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Is it some graphics?
    Kamal’s mush looks very different in VV. Interesting 🙂


  13. Raajk Avatar

    Ulaga nayagan -> urundai nayagan

    …might be intentional.

    That he has complete control over his shape is well known.


  14. silicon sillu Avatar

    hey hey hye…….where frm u got this info?????????


  15. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Actually I got this through email sent by someone called Arun. At first glance i thought it was sathyaraj and replied him that this could be from a movie yet-to-be-released of sathyaraj. he asked me to look deeper and i actually compared the nose with kamal’s pic. confirmed it wasn’t sathyaraj. also it looked like kamal.

    Arun said it was one of the initial pictures which was shot for dasavatharam. donno where he got it from. he has to reply to my email and will pass on the message here.

    and yeah, it seems closer to truth. but i am still skeptical, given the amount of spoofs that are created for high profile movies.


  16. Lazy Geek Avatar

    as raaj said the idea of being urundai might be intentional given kamal’s fetish towards shaping his body according to the character.


  17. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //chennai cenotaph road, nandanam as shooting spot//

    kowsik, yeah i hope so. and i keep rambling to friends about not showing the actual chennai in movies. vasanth/mani were probably the best of directors to show the actual chennai. especially vasanth.


  18. Lazy Geek Avatar

    prabhu, its not from VV. Dasavatharam !!


  19. Cocoa Avatar

    Kamal and shaping up?? ha ha ha!!! He is FAT, UGLY!!! He should try and take up roles like Amitabh bachchan (khakee , black) instead of running around trees with JO!

    Endru taniyum ivarudaya pombalai obsession?

    I am no great fan of Amitabh bacchan but i was completely blown after watching him in Khakhee . WOuld Kamal ever agree to be beaten up by the villian? (ajay devgan’s slap on AB in khakee) or for that matter do a role like AB in Black? Kezham might just do the kissing scene in black and get away with it

    kamal wants to sing, act, dance, fight and compete with surya, simbhu and the likes. tevaya inda aalukku? aduvum inda vayasula?

    I can see kamal aping eddie murphy badly
    sad attempt.


  20. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Cocoa, I have personally fought this war many times in the place. i have to say just this. Kamal and AB are different. Agree he is aging but he isn’t as aged as AB. as some one said here before, that doesn’t mean he can say ” ippo kalyanam vendamnu appa kitta sollungamma”[Vasool raja] roles.

    all this has got nothing to do with some obsession which is his personal stuff. i stop here.


  21. Venkat Avatar

    Strange, that ppl are still comparing kamal and amitabh…I am telling you…kamal is a creator…can amitabh ever make films like “Mahanadhi” or “HeyRam” ….Pls don’t compare..Also that this still need not be anything we imagine..mite as well be something else also…


  22. mutRupuLLi Avatar

    Cocoa said…………
    “WOuld Kamal ever agree to be beaten up by the villian? (ajay devgan’s slap on AB in khakee) or for that matter do a role like AB in Black? Kezham might just do the kissing scene in black and get away with it”

    Scene from Mahanadhi…. The hero Krishnaswamy is badly beaten up ny Thilukkanam in the jail and is spat upon. Constable enters and enquires whereupon upon the hero says …”Vazhukki vizhunten “as asked by Thulukkanam.

    Saket Ram in Hey Ram finally confesses he ( the hero in the traditional sense)was wrong and asks for pardon.

    Cocoa—ethavathu sollunamena sollatheenga.

    Black was one good movie of Amitabh ……… before that he acted in a million Major Saab’s Kaante’s, Mrityudatta’s, and hordes of other pathetic movies. Agreed Kamal still dances and has to compete with the younger generation. But think ….Anbe Sivam, Guna, HEy Ram, Mahanadi were flops and Vasool Raja and Thenali became hits… so what does he do……ideally if it were any other hero they would have stopped experimenting straight after Guna..or worse even after Raajapaarvai……
    But kamal being kamal we got to watch MMKR, Satya,Virumandi, Mahanadhi, Thevar Magan and HEy Ram.


  23. Dasavathara Dasarathy Avatar
    Dasavathara Dasarathy

    Fucko aka cocoa,
    Please try Imodium 500Mg for your verbal diarrhoea. And yeah, Kamal is not gay like you, even assuming your crap about his pombala obsession is true.

    Sorry for ‘galeejing’ you space :), but that SOB needed it, and IMHO you were too polite


  24. silicon sillu Avatar
    silicon sillu

    i guess is a graphic mockery of his panchathanthiram still….

    then regarding his ageing, he is theonly actor who dont sing duets, and vasoolraja was an axception

    by they wht abt rajni acting as a MEchanical BE student in padayappa???


  25. Kowsik Avatar

    Rajni is like Jamesbond..like superman…he is the only person who has a season ticket to do anything against gravity or logic and still walk away with applauds…

    Its the same case with hollywood biggies too..you can see sean connery or pierce brosnan or Tom Cruise “Playing” with little girl…

    NTR, Nageswararao and lot many kizhams in Telugu screen regularly danced and acted like 15 year olds…

    Paedophilia in any language Cinema was always accepted /tolerated by puritans and censor board..


  26. Anand Avatar

    Dear Guru,
    you have not answered my question in the previous comment section..please do answer it..

    for any Kamal-bashers who like to speak lightly of the man who acts, writes, sings, directs, produces, and breathes cinema.please try doing at least a film that matches up to his worst flop till date and then you will stop prattling…
    HEY RAM was his best and certainly something Tamil Cinema Industry ought to be proud of…


  27. Gp Avatar

    Guys guys, stop da fight. There are simple reasons why Kamal is not AB and Kamal is way better than AB…AB is not Tamil. AB is in an industry solely claiming itself as the Indian Movie Industry when the facts are well known that there are many many languages in India===this from an outsider so dont bash me for not understanding certain nationalism logics. Simple as that.

    Kamal contrary for what youre saying have gotten much more trashing than many ‘stars’ out there. Maybe slapping Rajini on screen would be a problem, but Kamal would welcome the chance.

    I believe actreses come into the movie world knowing well of the ‘work objective’. We dont see Kamal doing stuff to the girl on the street. Maybe its his idea of realism.

    This discussion would be better in another post on critical issues of tamil/ indian movies…but sadly cocoa you choose to butt into a different issue/ post. Get some coffee!


  28. randramble Avatar

    I think the ‘flabbiness’ and imperfections in this picture are intentional — unless of course this is a hoax. Yes, he does look like Satyaraj!

    Kamal does have control over his physique — remember ‘Panchathanthiram’ after ‘PKS’? But of late, he doesn’t seem to be concentrating on that.

    I too feel that sometimes he gets too obsessed with make-up and looks. I fully agree that he should focus more on directing and less on acting. More on that and some news on ‘Dasavatharam’ on my post yesterday (http://randramble.blogspot.com/2006/02/kamal-moving-beyond-next.html).

    Kamal-bashing and comparing with Rajni is sick beyond a point and reminds me of ForumHub…


  29. vijay Avatar

    On the other hand this news, if true, disappoints:

    Kamal, you are capable of better than going back to yourold getups


  30. Abhishek Avatar

    enough of Dasavatharam wat abt Rajini’s animation act.Adlabs n Soundarya Rajinikanth’s animation grp are comin together for this. Watch out maybe at the oscars in 2 yrs from now Superstar’s movie will give
    Indias first Oscar BEST ANIMATED FILM OF THE YEAR (there exists a category i hope)


  31. SMK Avatar

    Wow. So much animosity and mudslinging over an actor and movies. This brings back the question “are we influenced by movies or are the movies influencing us?” I think this post really brings out emotions from people that are not warranted. I really feel sad for LG who has to read all this. I feel a better appreciation of the technical aspects as well as the effort behind movies is more what we want rather than a few hot-headed fanatics thrusting their views down your throat. It’s not whether Kamal or Rajini or AB is great, its more of what we they are contributing to the industry that matters. Remember cinema is just a pastime and being passionate about it is different than being a fanatic. Im just realizing the power of politics, cinema, movies, cricket, religion and the likes. They can entertain as well as bring out the animal in you. Hope sanity prevails in this blog. It’s too good to be maligned by trivial matters.


  32. Murugesan Avatar

    Which Idiot updated this photo. This is not thalaivar at all, this still belongs to Sathyaraj film “Mahanadigan”. For your information 10Avatharam is not started at all, Thalaiviar is still busy with Vetayaadi Velayadi.


  33. ashok Avatar

    cant wait to see the other avatarams..
    the ‘orundai’ look in this avatar is only intentional…we know Kamal too loong to have any doubts on this…


  34. digi Avatar

    Tambaram..Urundai was too funny…burst into laughter!!


  35. digi Avatar

    Kamal’s Get-up :

    I have always been amazed to see how kamal manages a totally new getup for evey movie of his….Sometimes I wonder ‘how many ways can hairstyle be changed..’ , but he stumps me with every movie….its so different, every movie, every time.

    Anyone knows who manages to bring out the new hair styles?Any personal hair styler for him?


  36. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    Well SMK, he has taken tamil cinema to new heights. So, according to your way of looking at things, Kamal is the one of the top most people who has contributed a lot to the industry.


  37. vicky Avatar

    well….many are commenting abt kamal’s shape here!

    kamal is known for changing his body shape….and noone can ever dream of a body he had in hey raam and aalavandhan in that age!

    think abt rajni.. and then abt kamal..u will find how youthful kamal is at his age!


  38. vicky Avatar

    “rajini is like jamesbond”

    cant control my laugh really……the greatest insult to jamesbond…enna kodumai idhu


  39. Kowsik Avatar

    “.the greatest insult to jamesbond…enna kodumai idhu”

    Well Jamesbond is known for his style and the way he carries himself on screen…Thalaivar is known for that…

    Jamesbond movies defy logic..Thalaivar movies too…
    Bond always works on global issues and attacks global miscreants …Thalaivar works on local missions and local goondas…

    Bond… Jamesbond is famous…

    Malai…annamalai…is popular..

    Infact Late Jaishankar is also known as South Indian Jamesbond!!

    Moreover we re not comparing Gandhi and Nehru here… but two matinee idols…whose movies always have a magical spell on the box office irrespective of the story…


  40. Senthil Nathan Avatar
    Senthil Nathan

    ///WOuld Kamal ever agree to be beaten up by the villian?

    Enna Kodumai ithu…Cocoa………
    Avaru Screen pathu pesara(Punch dialoge) hero illa.. ever.

    “Kuruthi punal” padam claimax pathingala…


  41. subbu Avatar

    Rajni is no different from James Bond and all those super-hero crap that Hollywood has.Both are a case of screenplay writers going in for the all-too mundane protagonists who excel with their locks and a lot of Brawn.They r in no way any case of sensitized images,james Bond is a guy who has a hot Girl with him all the time and they make out in high tension situations,I wonder where all the Feminist brigade is when all these are happening.

    Rajini is Dark,Ugly in the collective sense,a lot cliched in the last 20 years,Ignore him can u??

    Like Tony Montana says in Scarface,All u Elite buggers need a guy whom u can point to and say “There he is,the bad guy” and feel good abt it,Thats all u deserve.


  42. karan Avatar

    “Bond always works on global issues and attacks global miscreants …Thalaivar works on local missions and local goondas…”

    i agree Bond always works on global issues…

    but your rajini will fight against only LADIES…otherwise he will become rich man from poor…only 2 stories available for him….


  43. karan Avatar

    “Bond always works on global issues and attacks global miscreants …Thalaivar works on local missions and local goondas…”

    i agree Bond always works on global issues…

    but your rajini will fight against only LADIES…otherwise he will become rich man from poor…only 2 stories available for him….

    Annamalai falls on second category


  44. Kowsik Avatar

    Chandramukhi, Aarilirundhu arubadhu varai, padikathavan,Engeyo kaetta kural,Moondru Mugam and many other movies do not fall into this category.

    Can we generalaize Kamal by your same logic.
    All his movies are about a big loser.
    He will be a chappani, a midget clown, krishnasamy, Guna-Mentally challenged, a blind man,a gangster who dies,a widower…a policeman who dies…

    Most of Kamal’s movie induce self pity and discourages happy living by way of portraying negative feelings in the name of reality…

    Rajnikanth’s movie on the other hand makes you light.

    The same pattern you can see between MGR and Sivaji also..


  45. karan Avatar

    don’t try to hide the TRUTH…

    Michael Madhana Kama Rajan
    sathi leelavathi
    avvai shanmugi
    Pamma K Sambantham
    Pancha Thandhiram
    vasool raja mbbs
    (more films…i listed here few..)

    Everybody knows “Making people LAUGH is hardest job”…

    for Dr.kamal..it is easiest…

    kanna kowisk…life is made up of not only happy things…it is mixture of both…

    Dr.Kamal’s movies handles both…u r telling about only other side…

    kanna kowshik…kamal is not a “kaathil POO Chutrum Hero”..

    Don’t know abt honest policemen who died..
    if u don’t want policeman story with neagative feelings, see

    Kakki chattai
    Soora samharam
    vetri vizha

    but for rajini some rare films r there..those r acted by rajini unknowingly…

    padayyappa – category 2
    mappillai – category 2
    annamalai – – category 1
    arunachalam – category 1
    muthu – category 1 ( but he is already a rich man, working as servant )
    uzhaipaali – category 1( but he is already a rich man, working as servant )
    sivaji – category 1 ( becoming rich man from 1 rupee)

    ippadi solli kitte pokalam…


  46. Kowsik Avatar

    Kamal is known more for his morbidity like Arusuvai Natarajan is known for his cuisine.

    Some people like it and some people don’t.

    Kamal’s morbid movies are hard hitting.I agree. They are not paisa vasool stuff. He should experiment with his own money. Also people go to theater for some relief.

    Kanna Karan, nadichu per vaangalam…nadikamalum per vaangalam..


    Kamal, kamal maadhiriyae illama, pakkathu veetu sekar maadhiri screen la varuvaaru,….idhukku vesham podaradhukku hollywood technician vera…

    Kamal adutha padathula sura meena kooda nadippaaru…That too a morbid story..Sura meen having lung cancer….

    Guru, your 1 photo of Kamal has generated around 50 comments…


  47. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    Our minds, uncounciously or counciously tend to feel good with the poor fella turning rich in a song stories 🙂 Rajni is a pretty good business man who worries only about the profit. He gives just that.

    But to get better, one gotta think out of the box. Kamal on the other hand, makes people think and realise beyond that.

    In life, the other side matters most as its the reality!!

    We would often find the educated being kamal fans. These are people who are successfull in life and they often think beyond the box. [educated need not be college educated or more. Im talking about people who LEARN!]. My idea is not to put down anybody, its just the fact!!



  48. rasu Avatar

    intha photo 2002 la eduthurukanga…

    12/12/2002 5:19 AM 19830 p4.jpg
    12/12/2002 5:19 AM 1871 p4_thumb.jpg

    ithu vettaiyadu vilaiyadu ile.. dhasavatharamum ile…

    dont ever compare kamal with rajni…

    rendu vazhi.. rajni has selected some way and kamal has selected another way…

    rendu perum avanga vazhiyila top..

    vazhkkaiyila ella rusiyum venum… eppavume santhosama irukura vazhkkaiya vida…. ella kashtangalukku naduve santhosama irukura vazhkkai thaan nalla irukum… appathaan namma patta kashtangaludaiya artham namaku puriyum…


  49. kowsik Avatar

    Educated people never go to cinemas to learn about life.

    Buddha said “Desire is the root cause of all miseries and Evil.” This is a truth. Are there any countable buddhists in India?

    People like to see and follow whatever that is convenient to them.

    Germany was a land of learned people, still they willingly accepted Hitler and suffered.

    Only Fake intellectuals follow Kamal,is my opinion.


  50. karan Avatar


    u people don’t know what is makeup…

    for Rajini, white powder ( to make his black face as white )and “DUPLICATE HAIR SET” are enough…

    See Entamilnadu.blogspot.com , they r telling y SIVAJI is 50 crores budget film

    but for legend Kamal..don’t need of these sets….he is always handsome…he uses makeup kit only to make his face as not kamal haasan…but for rajini, makeup kit is needed to prove he is “RAJINI”…ha ha ha….

    “HEY RAM” mega experimental film from “Raj kamal films”…don’t stick into small circle of Rajini…come out of him while thinking…r u telling Rajini didn’t give flop films…

    for last 10 years rajni gave 3 films…padayapp,baba &chandramuki
    baba is universal FLOP….don’t know that…don’t be ” Kinattru thavalai”


  51. karan Avatar

    “Only Fake intellectuals follow Kamal”,is KOWSIK opinion.

    “Only KOWSIK (fake of fakes) follws rajini”, is my opinion


  52. rasu Avatar

    this one lines shows that u have not understood what i was trying to say….

    “Educated people never go to cinemas to learn about life.”

    better read my point again or else watch some good family movies… not rajni movies ok…


  53. balaji Avatar

    Maar thattum velaiyeelum kalai enna kalaiyo
    kamal un karpaniyeen vilai enda ulagao!


  54. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    I was wondering…. why so many Kamal fans in here and here only?

    It is b’cuz Geeky is running a good quality site without including unwanted gissip and stuff?


  55. Dasavathara Dasarathy Avatar
    Dasavathara Dasarathy

    “He should experiment with his own money”
    KowSIK, you really are sick man!!!

    Get your head off your ass and look at the list of Kamal’s “experiments” and see what’s under the Producer column….

    Geez, are Rajini aka mental fans really SO dumb or are pretending???


  56. kowsik Avatar

    No doubt about Kamal’s acting capabilities and directorial capabilities. Even I wanted him to direct a love tragedy film with Suriya and Vikram.
    He will be the best bet to direct a morbid film with conviction.

    Sadly most of his movies are hollywood rip offs.

    Anyways all the best to Kamal and his VV.

    Devar Mahan and few other original movies of him are my pick till date.I liked him very much in Shimla Special and Meendum Kokila.

    Hope to see him back in full form.


  57. Kowsik Avatar

    Dasavatahara Dasarathy …cool down man .Please mind your language and be part of the discussion.

    We are discussing here and not fighting.I am expressing freely and am not trying to force feed anything here.

    Kamal or Rajni is not paying me anything. I hope the same is true there.


  58. karan Avatar

    most of his movies are hollywood rip offs – kowshik

    that is not rip off man…

    what rajini did in chandramuki is the RIP OFF..

    before releasing they were telling it is not remake or thaluval of manichitrathalu..

    but after releasing every body came to know..it is ONLY RIP OFF…


  59. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    What do you call
    a) The Same *opening* gimmick with an SPB song
    b) Same dumb-ass, bird-brained stunt sequences
    c) Same *narcissistic* characterization [wrongly attributed to Kamal], with every other character in the movie deifying him
    d) Same set of inanities aka punch dialogues [Sample – Phone adicha ringu, sivaji adicha sangu]
    e) A disgrace to Malayalam/Indian cinema called Nila Munji or Chandramukhi


  60. My Name is Billa Avatar

    Surviving in this industry for the past 30 years is not really a joke.

    Both Kamal and Rajini are talented in their own way.

    So guys cool down and put a stop here.


  61. Raj kumar Avatar
    Raj kumar

    Rajini is like a circus master.

    Othu taadi, othu meesa, avanuku ellam’e othu’thaan.

    Look Kamal. Even at the age of 51, he looks

    Hey, plz don’t expect always the same masala from
    the same person.

    Does any one got courage to act in films like
    GUNA ( with ugly face ), Anbe Sivam ( operated face ). This is the art. And it is widely accepted
    by kamal fans and also the public.

    We damn care about Dasavatharam get-up. But it is
    what we call EXPERIMENTS FROM KAMAL.

    Rajini makes TN audience as fools. Look him, he
    makes his ugly ( natural ) face to look like Star dom. Whereas look Talaivar kamal, whose natural
    face is a beauty, but according to the film, he
    makes his whole body to fit the role.

    For Example : Vasul Raja mbbs, he had grown his tummy to fit the role as goonda

    If rajini is a real horse, why couldn’t he act
    immediately after the next day of Baba’s flop.

    If it is Kamal Vs. Rajini.
    Kamal IS THE BEST
    Kamal IS THE BEST
    Kamal IS THE BEST
    Kamal IS THE BEST


  62. Kowsik Avatar

    After this chain,I am able to understand Ramadoss and Thiruma valavan better. If some people talk bad about Karpu or Tamil or culture “Tamil Culture”) they immediately burn the effigy and defame that person.

    Similarly I could see a big fight over Kamal and Rajini.(This is not a favorite place for Rajini)

    Let us criticize and try to analyze facts and accept or reject the fact based on truth and not based on emotions.

    Guys I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you. Hope to see you all in a different post soon. Keep chatting.

    I am a big fan of Geek, whose blog site I am regulalry reading for the past 1.5 years, ever since I stumbled across his blog.

    Let us try not to be violent or impolite in future, when we start another fierce discussion in future.This was also the message of Anbe Sivam.


  63. karan Avatar

    Mr. Kowshik…

    this place is not for posting msg abt Rajini..
    it is only to analyse dasavatharam getup 1…
    if u like/dislike it..post only abt it..
    y u r boosting your rajini here…
    u r guy who started fight with kamal fans..
    now u r getting kick from all side..
    so that u r escaping here as rajini did in last election…
    don’t shout only in silverscreen…
    now u r putting sameside goal by mentioning “ANBE SIVAM”…

    If u r fearing (like all rajini fans) abt argument…plz don’t post hereafter…


  64. Raj kumar Avatar
    Raj kumar

    Hello Kowshik,

    what made u to use “Rajini” name here in this discussion. It doesn’t make any sense where a still from Dasavatharam is potrayed.

    You may be a rajini fan. But this is not the place
    to advertise.

    Please appreciate the talent.

    Anbe Sivam
    Kamal = Anbu
    So, Kamal’e Kadavul

    Worship Lord Alwarpet Almighty

    TTK Salai, Thiru Thiru gnana Kamal

    Vaazhga Kamal

    Endrum Kamal

    Edhilum Kamal



  65. Kaipulla Avatar

    On seeing all the comments I could say only these

    1. Chinnapula thanama illa iruku.

    2. Kattaduraiku Kattam Sari illai. Namakitta Vilayadarathey ivangaluku velaya pochu.

    3. Nalla kelapuranugapa beethiya…..

    Oru allu thaniya sikina yenna adi adikirenga pa.
    Giri Joke than gyabagam varuthu…

    Oru kamal fan yella other kamal fansukum email annupi, dei machan inga oru rajini fan sikki irukan. Athuvum thaniyathan sikki irukan. Vangada kummiralamnu. Mumbai express madiri flop padam parthu kadupula irunda kamal fans yellaraiyum onna koodi oru appavi payala kummi adichuputangapa kummi adichuputanga.

    Ore oru picturea pottu geek odungitaru. Inga vettiya sanda pottu kittu irukanga Kiruku Paya pulainga.


  66. J. Rajni Ramki Avatar

    என்ன கொடுமை இது? அட.. என்ன கொடுமை இது?

    நம்ம பங்குக்கு புடிச்சுகோங்கோ…

    There is a popular story saying that wherever you go, you will find at least one Rajinikanth fan

    Here is an interesting new story!

    Rajinikanth was bragging to Kamal one day, “You know, I know everyone there is to know. Just name someone, anyone, and I know them.”

    Tired of his boasting, Kamal called his bluff, “OK, Rajini how about Tom Cruise?” “Sure, yes, Tom and I are old friends, and I can prove it,” Rajini says.

    So Rajini and Kamal fly out to Hollywood and knock on Tom Cruise’s door, and sure enough, Tom Cruise shouts “Thalaiva! Great to see you! You and your friend come right in and join me for lunch!” Although impressed, Kamal is still skeptical.

    After they leave Cruise’s house, he tells Rajini that he thinks Rajini knowing Cruise was just lucky.

    “No, no, just name anyone else” Rajini says.

    “President Bush”, Kamal quickly retorts.

    “Yes”, Rajini says, “I know him, let’s fly out to Washington.” And off they go. At the White House, Bush spots Rajini on the tour and motions to him, saying, “Rajini, what a surprise, I was just on my way to a meeting, but you and your friend come on in and let’s have a cup of coffee first and catch up”. Well, Kamal is very shaken by now, but still not totally convinced.

    After they leave the White House grounds, he expresses his doubts to Rajini who again implores him to name anyone else.

    “The Pope”, Kamal replies.

    “Sure!” says Rajini, “My folks are from Poland and I’ve known the Pope a long time”. So off they fly to Rome.

    Rajini and Kamal are assembled with the masses in Vatican Square when Rajini says, “This will never work. I can’t catch the Pope’s eye among all these people. Tell you what, I know all the guards so let me just go upstairs and I’ll come out on the balcony with the Pope.” And he disappears into the crowd headed toward the Vatican. Sure enough, half an hour later Rajini emerges with the Popeon the balcony.

    But by the time Rajini returns, he finds that Kamal has had a heart attack and is surrounded by paramedics.

    Working his way to Kamal’s side, Rajini asks him, “What happened?”

    Kamal looks up and says, “I was doing fine until you and the Pope came out on the balcony and the man next to me said, Who’s that on the balcony with Rajini?” 🙂

    Courtesy: Yaaro!


  67. Ulaga Nayakanin Ulagam theriya fan Avatar
    Ulaga Nayakanin Ulagam theriya fan

    Find a mail below which was written by Ulaga Nayakanin Ulagam theriya fan in Kamal’s fan group. Everyone including kamal fans will laugh after reading this.

    Enjoy this :

    Now that there is some news about Rajini doing a new film with Sivaji Productions, I can talk a bit in detail about what I referred to earlier. Gemini Films (VR MBBS Producer) have secured the remake rights of hindi movie Saudagaar (Dilip Kumar starrer). They wanted Kamal and Rajini to
    act in this movie claiming it is their dream project and thats the news that had us all worried. Having shared that bit of news, I should tell here why this is a worry – 1. This project has more negatives for Kamal with only one positive and that is helping Rajini find his feet in movies again. 2. Rajini is finished as far as films are concerned and the little bit of politics he was involved in. If this project came true then he would get a new lease of life thanks to Kamal (once again), which is fine by us. But he has in the recent past shown tremendous disrespect to Kamal (ref: his activites in the cauvery issue and trying to show he is the real power in the industry) and if he gets a new lease of life then we are certain he would continue in the same vein. 3. Politicians like Karunanidhi, JJ and lesser guys like Ramadoss would naturally get upset with Kamal if he lets Rajini ride on his shoulders and give him a new lease of life. For example, Ramadoss would find
    it tough to oppose the film as everyone knows Kamal is neutral in the political arena. 3. Rajini has this knack of waiting out the tough period that tamil films endure and then will announce a movie when things start going right. Like now with the announcement from JJ clearing the many hurdles that the industry was facing and Rajini announcing his new film. 4. If they both act together and the film flops then the press will club Kamal with Rajini and write them both off. For Rajini it is nothing, they have already written him off, for Kamal he has just given 2 major hits and this would be a great setback if the movie flops. 5. Of course, if the movie is a hit we can be rest assured that the tamil media will ensure that Rajini gets all the credit. So in all ways, there are more negatives for Kamal if they both come together. And I thank god, that the dreams of Gemini Films has been thwarted. For all the Rajini fans out there, enjoy the announcement of his new
    movie and hopefully atleast this film will make it to the big screen.



  68. karan Avatar

    thanx rajini ramki for your advertisement…


    v r totally tired by making your people getting some knowledge here..


  69. karan Avatar

    Advertisement over…

    Now Interview from Actor SatyaRaj…

    Sun TV : Why u rejected the Villanoffer in “Sivaji” film…

    SatyaRaj : ennanka..ada..”Villan” Rajinikku HERO offer…aana “HERO” Satyarajkku Villan offera…


  70. kowsik Avatar

    Kamal acted in Anbe Sivam and few other movies produced by Lakshmi movie makers. The company is no more in the big league now.

    Kamal acted in Aalavandhan produced by Dhanu and distributed by GV. One is suffering while the other is no more.

    I still agree that Kamal is a good actor.But his movies are non starters in Box office and has ruined many lives.

    Kamal is a good singer and dancer. Kamal’s movies are not for mass.Its only for class-A people who are pseudo intellectuals who sip coffee in coffee day or star bucks, solve cross word puzzles and discuss about Kamal’s movies in a coffee shop.

    All the best for Kamal’s VV and Dasavatharam.

    Kamal was once upon a time a money spinner. His thoongathey thambi thoongathey, Indian ,apooorva sagotharargal and Sakala kala vallavan made huge money. I used to like him in Shimla special and Meendum Kokila, though they were flops. He was middle aged then. But now he should concentrate on matured roles or retire or move to direction.

    I call Sudhish Kamath here to talk more about Rajnikanth.


  71. J. Rajni Ramki Avatar

    கமல் வாளுக… கமல் வாளுக…!

    கரன்ஜி, போதுமா?


  72. karan Avatar

    Lakshmi movie maker is now producing “pudupettai”…it is most expecting

    film after vettaiyadu vilayadu for 2006

    Dhanu produced “kakka kaka” after “Aalavanthan “…don’t u know ?????

    GV sucided becoz of another problem..even that time GV asked help from

    RAJINI…why he didn’t help him ?????

    Makkale…BABA was the big box office starter…kowshik


    RAJINI flop films r following…i don’t know who r the producers…becoz for kamal films, if it is flop, v can know who is the producer atleast and what he is doing..
    but rajini films become FLOP…even v can’t know who is the producer…that kind of CALAMITY, rajini’s producer will face…

    Nattukku Oru Nallavan
    Athisaya Piravi
    Dharmathin Thalaivan
    Kodi Parakuthu
    Naan Adimai Illai
    Naan Sikappu Manithan
    Unna Kannil Deer Vazhindal
    Sri Raghavendra
    Kai Kodukkum Kai
    Thambikku Entha Ooru

    Iithuku melayum irukku…but ennaku kai vallikkuthu…your rajini is having lots

    of BIG FLOP FILMS….history u don’t know…

    kowshik…rajini acted only 3 films in last 10 years…BOMB BABA is one of

    them…don’t forget…your rajini is not the hero who has given only hits…accept the TRUTH…

    Do u know KAMAL is only STAR has given 33 Silver Jubilee films..
    also he is the ONLY star has given 5 mega hits in single year 1982….

    5 mega hits in 1982

    26 jan – Vaazhve Maayam – 200 days

    19 Feb – Moonram Pirai – 329 days

    15 may – Sanam Teri Kasam (Hindi) – 25 weeks

    14 Aug – Sakalakala Vallavan – 25 weeks

    29 Oct – Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya (Hindi) – 25 weeks
    more than 200 days

    596 days – Maro charithra (Telugu)

    52 weeks – Ek Duje Ke Liye (Hindi)

    50 weeks – Saagar (Hindi)

    50 weeks – Geraftaar (Hindi)

    300 days – Saagara Sangamam (Telugu)

    329 days – Moondram pirai

    253 days – Thoongathe Thambi Thoongathe

    200 days – Vaazhve Maayam

    200 days – Swathi Muthyam (Telugu)

    200 days – Apoorva Sahodarargal

    200 days – Michael Madana Kamarajan

    175 days

    Aval Oru Thodarkadhai

    16 Vayadhiniley

    Ilamai Oonjalaadugiradhu

    Sigappu Rojakkal

    Azhiyatha kolangal

    Kalyana Raman

    Meendum Kokila

    Anthuleni Katha (Telugu)

    Sanam Teri Kasam (Hindi)

    Sagalakala Vallavan

    Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya (Hindi)

    Punnagai Mannan


    Pesum Padam

    Indrudu Chandrudu (Telugu)

    Devar Magan

    Magalir Mattum

    Sathi Leelavathi


    Avvai Shanmugi


    vettaiyadu vilayadu is 34 th SILVER JUBILEE FILM…..

    v don’t want your WISH for our films…..v beleive only KAMAL…he will do the miracle…


  73. J. Rajni Ramki Avatar



    – Produced by Naagi reddy – Collection crossed more than AVM’s Yejamaan, Highest collection of 1993 next to Gentleman


    – Produced for the settlement of Super Star’s team, SPM got good settlement from this film, Golden year of tamil cinema, 1992, year of Mannan+Annamalai+Pandian

    Nattukku Oru Nallavan

    – Compensation was given to Ravichandran, who got Karanataka’s distribution rights for so many films of Super Star, tamil nadu distributors were given compensation thru Thalapathi

    Athisaya Piravi

    – Prodcued by Ramanathan and the loss was comensated by “Dharmadurai”, having good collection record more than “Michel Madana Kaamarajan”


    – Produced by Kavithalay, profit of the film was helped K.B very much to recover from the loss of “Unnal Mudiyum Thambi”

    Dharmathin Thalaivan

    – Produced by Devar’s son-in-law & combensation was given to Devar films during their property settlement

    Kodi Parakuthu

    – Bharathi Raja could come back from his successive failures


    – Good opening for Balaji’s son which lead to start a Cine Services company. Now, it’s No.2 Camera & Ligh Service company in South India

    Naan Adimai Illai

    – Produced by Dwarakish, later it was combensated by “Phool Bane Angaaray”

    Naan Sikappu Manithan
    Unna Kannil Deer Vazhindal
    Sri Raghavendra
    Kai Kodukkum Kai
    Thambikku Entha Ooru

    No comments! 🙂


  74. J. Rajni Ramki Avatar

    Pokkiri Raja (Masala) – 14.01.1982 – 148 days – Alankar, Maharani, Little Ananda, AVM Rajeswari

    Thanikattu Raja (Action) – 12.03.1982 – 82 Days – Devi Paradise , Murali Krishna, Pandiyan

    Ranga(Family drama) – 14.04.1982 – 100 Days
    Sathyam, Annai Abirami etc

    Puthukavithai(Romantic) – 11.06.1982 – 100 Days
    Alankar, Maharani, Abirami

    Enkeyo Ketta Kural(Family drama) – 14.08.1982 – 100 Days – Wellington , Ega, Padmanaba, Tamil Nadu,

    Moondru Mugam (Action) – 01.10.1982 – 225 Days
    Devi Paradise , Kamala, Sakthi Abirami, Agasthiya

    Best actor of 1982 – Super Star Rajinikanth for his character role in Engeyo Ketta Kural & his action role “alex Pandian” in Moonru Mugham

    Total No. of films in 1982 – 6

    No. of hits in 1982 – 6



  75. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    kowsik, Rajini Ramki and all Rajini fans,
    What happened to Veerasamy, the producer of Naattukku Oru Nallavan?
    What happened to T.Rajendar after Blood Stone?
    And this is just a sample…

    Ennavo Aalavandhaan mattum dhaan flop-madhiri pesareenga? Konjam thirumbi paarungappa!

    “Total No. of films in 1982 – 6

    No. of hits in 1982 – 6”

    -ha ha ha ROTFL
    Right, no comments indeed :))

    Neenga nadathunga Rajini Ramki, neenga nadathunga….


  76. karan Avatar

    Rajini Ramki

    u too as Rajini screening REELS & REELS only…

    If u gave COMPENSATION…then DEFEAT is not the VICTORY…understood ???

    Uzhaippali – Collection crossed more than AVM’s Yejamaan
    ……….R u telling Yejamaan is the BIGGEST FLOP ???

    Pandiyan – Produced for the settlement of Super Star’s team, SPM got good settlement from this film
    ——-This film gave good settlement to SPM only (Ran away from film industry…. paavam)

    Micheal Madhana Kama Rajan is the BLOCK BUSTER….ran more than 200 days all over tamilnadu…

    Unnal mudiyum thambi collection is TRIBLE the collection of SIVA

    Don’t HIDE the TRUTH…Always Rajini fans do the same….

    Don’t HIDE the TRUTH…Always Rajini fans do the same….

    Don’t HIDE the TRUTH…Always Rajini fans do the same….

    Don’t HIDE the TRUTH…Always Rajini fans do the same….

    Don’t HIDE the TRUTH…Always Rajini fans do the same….

    Don’t HIDE the TRUTH…Always Rajini fans do the same….

    After Pandian…..SPM odiye poittar…

    After Dharmathin Thalaivan….., “DEVER FILMS” closed

    After Nattukku oru nallavan……, Ravichandran Still Struggling to SURVIVE

    After Kodi Parakuthu …., Bharathi Raja’s Only Allergy is RAJINI KANTH thaan

    After Viduthalai…..Balaji died due to the HUGE loss of it…

    After Naan Adimai illai…Dwarakish become Naan Pazhaiya Dwarakish illai…

    After SIVAJI…..AVM will become “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega studio…..hi…hi…hi


  77. J. Rajni Ramki Avatar

    கரன்ஜி, அப்படியே ஆகட்டும்! வால்த்துக்கள்!

    உலக நாயகன் வாளுக; உள்ளூர் கூஜாக்கள் வாளுக!


  78. kowsik Avatar

    Everybody from Ajith,Vijay and Vikram to Simbu aim for the Super star post and not for ulaga nayagan post.

    Rajini is a mass actor. His name sells.Creates a tremor in the industry. When Shakar announced a film with Kamal – “Indian” the media did not go ga ga..The movie was a hit because of Shankar, AR Rahman

    When Shankar announced the film with Rajni see what happened.

    Rajni’s superstar title scene alone will run for 100 days.

    Shankar wanted to make Mudhalvan with Rajini. It did not materialise. when he remade that movie in Hinid he made sure that the lead character was name Sivaji Rao (Anil kapoor’s name in the film Nayak)

    Rajni’s film generates huge money for all.

    Regarding Kaaka Kaaka …If you had read Gowtham’s interview you would have known that Gowtham pooled in handsome money to complete the movie. In the special edition Ayngaran DVD, he narrates how he had to confine to low budget.He shot that movie in his friend’s house.


  79. dany Avatar

    Guys its universal truth Rajini is the King of Box Office how much ever you discuss (Past, Present & Future).

    When you mention about Rajni movies of 1980’s pls also remember about “naanum oru tholilali”, “japanil kalyanaraman”, “vikram”, “vetri vizha” etc kamal himself cannot watch these movies again.


  80. Kowsik Avatar

    kamal himself cannot watch these movies again.



  81. karan Avatar

    wait kowshik….

    “Everybody from Ajith,Vijay and Vikram to Simbu aim for the Super star post and not for ulaga nayagan post.”

    BECOZ it is not EASY to become UNIVERSAL HERO…
    Ajith already tried by “CITIZEN”..People rejected him by “Dr.KAMAL only can do it”…

    so that others not trying it…

    MASS film anybody can do…CLASS film only kamal can do….

    kowshik and rajini fans.. RAJINI is doing MUSIC, DIRECTION, PRODUCTION and all the things for SIVAJI….?????

    “Chandramuki” is hit becoz of vadivelu…even rajini accepted it in 200 th day function ( actually that time it was only 172 th day ….CHEATING..CHEATING…. ….CHEATING..CHEATING…. by Rajini )

    lead character was name Sivaji Rao (Anil kapoor’s name in the film Nayak)
    – this is only reason it was MEGA FLOP in Hindi….ha..ha..ha..

    Rajini is the King of Box Office —-ultimate joke of 2006 – again ROTFL

    y it was ZERO of the Box office – for BABA ??????


  82. senthil Avatar

    enna kowshik,

    ore REEL REEL REEL. Accept the DEFEATS. don’t speak as rajni didn’t give any flops.if rajni gave films atleast one per year and all r hit then u can say he is king of box office.after universal bomb baba, he needed 3 yeard to release chandramuki.he carefully this time didn’t show any styles and punch dialogues.moreover jothiga gave splendid performance.

    even your rajni can’t able to defeat ramadoss in the election. don’t forget that defeat.

    athan…from rajni there is no ELECTION VOICE for 2006 election….romba payam ungal rajnikku…


  83. dany Avatar

    BABA was not a Zero at the box office it did better than panchathanthram, mumbai express or tenali or whatever you can name.

    VV will be yet another alaavandhan or kalaignan. my sympathies to Gautham.


  84. vicky Avatar

    after 10 years the younger generation will ask “epdi indha rajni ivlo periya aal aanaru”

    kamal would be in the race even after 10 years like cene conery,mel gibson…


  85. Thousif Avatar

    Good comedy!!!!
    BABA did better than panchathanthiram, MX, thenali?????. Its great joke…
    BABA is an utter flop.
    It was the time when Tamil cinema was excelling in technical and other things, Baba damaged the entire tamil cinema, it spoiled A.R. Rahmans name.Baba was very very hilarious, comical movie, how could think a story like that, what a joke , it was like a 3d cinema made for pre KG and LKG students.

    All rajini fans, u all know one thing,
    Shankars best actor is kamal,
    Gautham’s best actor is Kamal,
    A.R. murugadoss’ best actor is Kamal,
    ManiRatnams best actor is Kamal………………

    Even P.Vasu said to the press and TV that his ambition in life is to direct Kamal.
    K.B. has said that the time when he taught to Kamal is gone and now he should learn more from Kamal about direction.

    Kamal can easily get a national award.

    But Rajini has to struggle a lot to get dinakaran award, manikchand award..

    Surya always speaks about Kamal in every interview.

    All young artists’ inspiration is Kamal.

    Kamal is the only Actor appreciated by Satyajit Ray. Sorry, you all would not have been known about Satyajit Ray.

    Even Dhanush’s acting skill is better than Rajini.

    Kamal spends money for changing his getup,
    but for Rajini a lot of money should be spent to retain his own appearance.
    Rajini being in the industry is total loss.


  86. vicky Avatar

    thousif…interested to know that sathyajit ray has appreciated kamal!

    may i know somethiong abt that?


  87. Kowsik Avatar

    Kamal is a Good Director He is a good actor.Kamal is like an institute.

    He is not successful in delivering successful movies.He is struggling in that arena.

    Why people are not funding for his Marudhanayagam? Initially he requested for 30 to 40 crores for that movie. Why people are shying away?

    Kamal made Guna. That movie flopped.
    Kadhal Kondein had a similar character played by dhanush and it was a super duper hit.

    Delivering hits consecutively is an art.

    Delivering non profitable good movies is another story.

    Kamal delivers good movies …which are not profitable.

    I still want him to direct a commercial class movie after VV, dasavatharam and Bala’s next (Rumor?)

    Gajini, Anniyan succeeded but not Aalavandhan.

    Kamal should not stuff so many things into a single movie.

    When it comes to Box Office, Rajini is still the undisputed King. He is the Baadhsha of Box Office.


  88. thousif Avatar

    i read it a couple of years back in a magazine. i dont remember the name of magazine. there was a article about kamal, in which it was said that Kamal was the only actor to be appreciated by satyajit ray, i think it was for the perfomance in nayagan.


  89. vicky Avatar


    baadshah of box office?

    let me tell the truth..

    Rajni gives 1 movie for 3 years ..so the expectation builds.

    in last 20 films his flop list

    1)adhisaya piravi(1990)
    3)naatukoru nallavan(1991)
    5)uzhaipali(not a big hit)(1993)
    6)ejamaan(average grosser….if u want proof i shall give it from rajnifans.com)(1993)

    even thalapathy dint do well as it was expected..
    his …

    in late 80’s he cant even compete with kamal

    he gave flops like
    kodi parakudhu(1989)
    dharmathin thalaivan(1988)
    naan adimai illai(1986)

    and average grossers like siva and mr.barath..

    but kamal in late 80’s gave..

    aboorva sagodharargal
    per sollum pillai
    vetri vizha
    punnagai mannan
    kadhal parisu
    indran chandran

    all big hits..

    his flop movies are soora samharam and naanum oru thozhilazhi..

    kamal wins rajni hands down….

    now rajni doesnt compete with kamal at all…giving 1 movie for 3 years is not a big deal…

    ask rajni to give 2 films per year….and thats competition…rajni will lose to vikram and ajith.as people will get bored of his gimmicks


  90. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    More than 70 percent of the mass tamil audience still earn less than 10,000 INR per month. They have so much of problems in life, they seek an Item Number song or punch dialogs etc… in a movie. [simply, pure heroism]. There are exceptions though.

    This is the single major reason why Rajni movies do better in box office 🙂 We cannot expect such people to sit down and take the time to realize or understand a theme like Anbe Sivam. Remember what Swamy Vivekananda said. ” u cant teach someone whoz hungry, u need to feed him first”.

    But still i can’t understand how people like Kowsik can sit and watch Rajni and his boasting skills without any headaches. I felt sick when i watched Kamal’s Vikram.

    I have a backbone, and I don’t want anyone to show me how good they are Lol.

    by the way, actors like Surya and Maddy follw kamal’s roots and they r pretty clear about it.


  91. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    A simple Question…

    Kamal can write, screenplay, produce, direct and perform in 100 % pure comedy movies … there r so many examples.

    Rajni did just one, by the name “Thillu Mullu”. Even that was master mind Balachandar’s work.


  92. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute


    I know a few die hard kamal fans who find it hard to eat a happy Briyani on a Sunday atleast. I think you should THINK before you talk, because one shouldn’t talk unless he/she has proof 🙂


  93. Kowsik Avatar

    Kamal’s Kadal Parisu and Per sollum Pillai were huge flops.

    Kamal’s Tenali, Anbe Sivam,Mahanadhi,PKS, Pancha Thantiram, Vasool Raja etc in the recent times did not run well at all.All of them were total washouts in B and C centres.

    Kamal should stop acting in Movies. He should start directing movies is my wish.


  94. vicky Avatar


    per sollum pillai and kadhal parisu are flops?

    then why did avm saravanan say that persollum pillai is a hit for their banner!

    thenali is a flop?……vasool raja is a flop?

    i think u are also unstable like ur rajni… lol

    rajinikku varushathukku oru padam kodukka vakku irukka?

    kamal is in race…rajni is not in the race at all….

    he gave just 2 films for last 5 years and one of the movie is a washout…chandramukhi ran for fazil’s story and vadivel comedy,jyothika’s acting(overacting) etc…not only for rajni!

    rajni is not a fit competer for kamal!…..

    giving flops with anbe sivam and mahanadhi are not wrong….giving flops with an entertainer like kodi parakudhu,natukoru nallavan,uzhaipali,ejamaan,baba,valli,pandian,maveeran,dharmathin thalaivan is a shame!

    better rajni stop acting in movies…he is bringing down the status of tamil movies while kamal is trying to move it forward..

    rajni is just a joker


  95. vicky Avatar

    varamalar sells more than jeyakanthan novel…will u say varamalar author is better than jeyakanthan!

    similarly running of films shouldnot be considered!…the quality is the main issue!(even in box office kamal had a greater impact than rajni for many years)


  96. kowsik Avatar

    AVM Saravanan is pumping in money for Rajnikanth’s Sivaji. That says who is AVM’s Fav actor.

    Rajnikanth is distributor’s chella pillai.All his movies light up many people’s life.His movies are like a special celebration.Kurinji poo 12 varushathukku oru vaati dhan pookum. Adhukkunu adhai mattam nu sollida mudiyuma.

    Rajni Padam is like that.

    Rajni Padam always starts with a hit talk and ends with a super hit result.

    Rajnikanth’s Sivaji Movie collection = All Vijayakanth + Kamal padam collection.

    One of Kamal hassan’s average hit Devar Magan ran for Nassar’s and Revathi’s performance and PC Sreeram’s camera. Ilayaraja ‘s songs were added plus point for that movie.


  97. Rajini Avatar

    pasangala..inna ipadi sandai podurenga. Don’t FIGHT


  98. Rajini Avatar

    Per sollum Pillai was a flop ?? crazy. it was a big hit.


  99. sai_superman Avatar

    comment no.99


  100. sai_superman Avatar

    and 100 !!!


  101. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    So Kowsik… u decided to act as if u never seen my comment? eh? 😉 i know lah, its tough to face the truth.. Its ok, u r just a lost kid missing in a Kovil Thiruvila 🙂


  102. karan Avatar


    still u r telling ” Naan pidicha muyalukku 3 kaal”…

    DEVAR MAGAN and Pandiyan Released in 1992 Diwali…Forgot it ?

    DEVER MAGAN was the big HIT and the pandiyan is utter flop…and SP muthraman ran away from the industry…



  103. senthil Avatar

    “Rajnikanth’s Sivaji Movie collection = All Vijayakanth + Kamal padam collection.”

    kowshik u Always making fun with Mr.Rajini.

    u r AGAINST Rajini ? i can’t understand your wordings.

    “Rajni Padam always starts with a hit talk and ends with a super hit result.”

    y BABA ended in MEGA UTTER FLOP ?????
    y BABA ended in MEGA UTTER FLOP ?????
    y BABA ended in MEGA UTTER FLOP ?????
    y BABA ended in MEGA UTTER FLOP ?????

    i accept karan’s comment abt AVM after Sivaji.

    AVM = “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega Studio
    AVM = “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega Studio
    AVM = “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega Studio
    AVM = “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega Studio
    AVM = “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega Studio
    AVM = “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega Studio
    AVM = “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega Studio
    AVM = “A”zhindu “V”itta “M”ega Studio


  104. kowsik Avatar

    My Advance Valentines day greetings to all of you and to you in special Guru.

    Thanks to all of you for participating in yet another interesting discussion over Rajni – Kamal.

    Let us conclude that Rajni and Kamal are like two pillars of Tamil industry.

    Please see them togehter in today’s hindu second page.Awesome twosome.


  105. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Mr. Kowsik,
    By any chance, do you have any atrocious illusions of being Solomon Paappayya? 🙂 LOL!

    You’ve talked nothing but arrant nonsense bordering on hilarious comedy and finally you take the holier-than-thou pedestal???

    May mother nature save you from the Rajini syndrome…


  106. kowsik Avatar

    Mr Karthik,

    By any chance you have any other names like Thirumavalavan or Ramadoss?


  107. Priyan Avatar


    r u relation of KUSHBOO ?
    y r making controversy always ?
    if u have another name as “Krishnaswamy”…v will behave as ramadoss/thirumavalavan


  108. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    What’s wrong with Karthi’s comment? Kowsik, u never answer questions and u never ever talk to the point. All u have been doing is acting like a tape recorder, repeating the same old thing again and again. Pls Grow.


  109. kowsik Avatar

    Whats wrong with a tape recorder. Do not listen to the tape if you don’t like it.Simple.

    Infact I started with good intentions by expressing my wish of Kamal directing a movie starring Suriya and Vikram. (Feb 3)

    I like Rajni’s screen presence like many. I like his style and dialogue delivery. He is my favorite. The comment by silicon sillu on February 3 started the Rajni thread.

    Do a root cause analysis and see what went wrong and why it went wrong.Sometime it happens this way. Let us move on to other discussions.


  110. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    I know its indecent to use others’ blog comment space for indulging in ego-satisfying exchanges, but i won’t resist the temptation one more time… 🙂

    1. Can you repeat the question?
    2. Egga, repeat paddunga! [like Sivaji, the real one]

    “…v will behave as ramadoss/thirumavalavan”
    Even i couldn’t have abused you more or called you a name worse than this! LOL 🙂


  111. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Well, yeah… let’s move on 🙂


  112. karan Avatar


    “Infact I started with good intentions by expressing my wish of Kamal directing a movie starring Suriya and Vikram. (Feb 3)”

    who r u man asking kamal to direct ???

    if we order rajni to do father role for vadivelu (Sorry vadivelu )….will u accept????

    “I like Rajni’s screen presence like many. I like his style and dialogue delivery. He is my favorite. The comment by silicon sillu on February 3 started the Rajni thread.”

    Whole Tamilnadu will know the dialogue delivery of rajini…if he is your favorite…worship him…don’t chew up other’s favorite…


  113. vicky Avatar

    your people did not understand what i said. Kamal is evergreen hero and he is known all over indian. but it is not in the case of Rajini. Kamal is well fit for receiving oscar award. That is why people calling him as oscar nayakan. Rajini will not get any award for his career. Somebody may say that he was a good actor in early period. Look at Ninaithaale inikkum. who is performing well. Rajini will look very ugly and acting as a sub-character. but, kamal is herod and performing his role very well. don’t hide the truth


  114. kowsik Avatar

    Kamal will never receive any oscar award. Maybe someone by name Baskar can give him Baskar award or Oscar ravichandran can give him a oscar ravichandran award.

    See I can ask Kamal to direct a movie and you can ask Rajini to play a father role.Nobody can prevent us.

    Atlast I am asking “your” Kamal to do something sensible. But you guys have decided to attack Rajni aimlessly.


  115. priyan Avatar

    thambi kowshik..

    don’t hide the truth ! not just the father role. it is a father of Handsome Vadivelu. People know vadivelu is better than Rajni.

    karan…Paavam Vadivelu


  116. karan Avatar

    ok priyan..

    i order rajini to do the father role for gowndamani in future….

    i think kowsik will accept this offer…


  117. priyan Avatar

    hi karan

    Rajni already did father of gowndamani in BABA.so that gowndamani is gone out of tamil industry.kowshik may accept, but gowndamani won’t accept.


  118. karan Avatar


    “Atlast I am asking “your” Kamal to do something sensible. ”

    but from beginning itself we r asking rajini to do the father/grand father role. If he does grandfather role, producer can save the money which costs for the father role makeup.


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