Spielberg, Sundance & Selvaraghavan

Oscar nominees are announced. Spielberg is still in the race. Kong awaits four oscars. Have to watch Brokeback Mountain, Syriana and Walk The Line before they start feeding us with too many spoilers. Just 32 days remaining for the Oscars.

These two blogposts[Part 1 / Part 2] are probably the best curtain raisers to Selvaraghavan’s Pudhupettai. Though I did read these posts when they were written, I forgot to link them. These posts also made it to the print world.

Quinceañera wins the best dramatic film award in Sundance 2006. Anand C has some pictures from Sundance 2006.

Looking at Madhavan in Thambi, I am reminded of ArvindSwamy’s Thaalaattu.

While the King talks about his music for Rang De Basanti, Gautam Menon starts to market Vettaiyaadu Villayadu.

NY Times – How Pixar Adds a New School of Thought to Disney.

6 responses to “Spielberg, Sundance & Selvaraghavan”

  1. Reagan Avatar


    I wish i could read that blogpost that you were referring to about the best curtain raisers to Selvaraghavan’s Pudhupettai. Thats one post that would really interest anyone who’s anticipating Pudhupettai in April. But due to me being illiterate in Tamizh, I’m unable to do so. 😦


  2. Anand Avatar

    Dear Lazy Geek,
    I read in one of your comment boxes that Ashokamithran said “Kamal positioned himself as an atheist”..could you elaborate on this for a diehard Kamal fan..lol



  3. BNB Avatar

    The Thambi audio CD that I bought came with a free Minnaley songs VCD for less than Rs.100/-. You have to appreciate their honesty – they know before hand that they have to resort to cheap tricks when the music is abysmal. Poor Maddy, that Madras Talkies # is either dead/busy or not returning calls …


  4. vijay Avatar

    Hmm..no reviews for “Munich” yet? I saw the Indian blogosphere buzzing with reviews for popcorn stuff like War of the Worlds/King Kong etc. but nothig much for a serious venture like Munich.


  5. aNTi Avatar

    Vijay: Munich has not gotten wide release here in the US yet! I for one have been waiting to watch it, but it ain’t showing in the multiplex in Jersey City that I have been frequenting in the past few months.
    So the lack of “reviews” is because not a lot of people have seen it yet!


  6. Nilu Avatar

    Munich – sumarukku akka sukumari.


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