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  1. Thalaiva Happy Birthday. Many Many more happy returns and wish to see more Basha and Padyapa.

    Nalla 150 varusham neduuzhi vazhgha 🙂

    LG: ENna no words or line for thalaiver. Photo onae pothumnu nenchiteengala, thalaiver pathi solla…apadina..you are perfect…


  2. Ok, let me confess once and for all to the entire world. I was, am and will be a die-hard Rajini fan (not that I love Kamal any less). I used to collect small pictures of Thalaivar (the ones you would get in the platforms of Chennai right next to the lyrics of the songs in the movies being released those days) ever since his third film or so and even wore the specs to look like him in Dharma Yuddham which is why I guess I “had” to wear them in later life. I have tracked Rajini like few have (even more than the die-hard ones that I know of in the blogosphere) and my earliest memories of him date back to the seventies so now you know how far back I am talking about :-). Rajini is like none before him and none after him. He is a Sahaaptham 🙂


  3. Tribute to style mannan on his B’Day



    I am autofellowautofellow
    Four knowing route fellow
    Justice having rate fellow
    Goodpeople mix fellow
    Nice singing song fellow
    Gandhi borning countryfellow
    Stick take means hunter fellow
    Big people’s relationfellow
    Mercy having mind fellow da
    I am all poor’s relative fellowda
    I am always poor people’s relative fellow da

    Achak means achakonly; Gumuk means gumuk only
    Achak means achak only; Gumuk means gumukonly

    Town become big, population become big
    Bus expecting, half ageover
    Life become hectic in time, exist in corner of street
    Ada eyebeat means love coming they telling
    You hand clap means auto coming Itelling
    Front coming look, this three-wheel chariot
    Good come andarrive, you trust and climb up
    Mercy having mind fellow da
    I am alwayspoor people’s relative fellow da

    Achak means achak only; Gumuk meansgumuk only
    Achak means achak only; Gumuk means gumuk only

    Mummymotherfolk, danger not leave
    Heat or cyclone, never I never tell
    Therethere hunger take means, many savoury
    Measurement food is one time
    Forpregnancy I come free mummy
    Your child also name one I keepmummy
    Letter lacking person ada trusting us and coming
    Address lackingstreet ada auto fellow knowing

    Achak means achak only ; Gumuk meansgumuk only
    Achak means achak only ; Gumuk means gumuk only


  4. With god’s full blessings upon you….
    no one can harm or hurt you…..

    Live long and have lots of peace…….
    Peace is what you always wanted….

    Happy birthday, my beloved thalaivar….


  5. in b’lore opp frum, i saw a irrelevant b’day poster for rajni, he was placed btw a couple of glamour girls, pothaakkuraikku mammathan endra caption vera

    btw, i like the xcellent trans in the wordings
    “Ada eyebeat means love coming they telling”


  6. guru, en blog layum bharathiukku apporaoam thalaivar. edhulla comedy enna naa, i have a reminder in my yahoo calendar to remind me abt bharathi’s birthday as thalaivar birthday flashes in all top papers.


  7. Haahii: Light theesko…

    LG: I think naan maatum dhaan innum bday post podala 😉 But innum oru two three weeks la, ellarayum minjara madhiri oru bday commemmoration panna poren!


  8. pathetic…..more posts for rajini thaatha’s b-day than barathiyaar’s. i had posted on the other thread that i was happy that lazy hadn’t jumped on the rajini b-day bandwagon. spoke too soon….neenge oru tharave wish panna, unga thalaivarukku nooru varusham (maybe 150 as narasi above wished) wish panna madiri-illeya?


  9. LG, good find. its tough to recognise the person in the pic. I first thought it could b arvind swamy from roja.
    i wish india’s most humble superstar, a very happy birthday.



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