Happy Birthday Dude !! – Subramanya Bharati


enn kanavan

Read the very insightful transcript of Enn Kanavar, a speech by Sellamaal Bharati[not devayani] where she recollects her life with the ‘Poet of the century’. And as usual, favorite lines from this dude’s poetry –

Ooyuthal Seiyom Thalai Saayuthal Seiyom
Unmaigal Soalvom Pala Vanmaigal Seivom

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  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Chenthil has come up with a good initiative of translating bharathiars poetry. Did you check it out? I think we all should translate atleast one 🙂


  2. balaji shankar V Avatar

    Thanks for the link to that speech by Chellammaal.


  3. Smruthi Avatar

    the real Super Star…

    bathagam seibavarai kandu
    bayam kolla lagadhu pappa
    modhi midithu vidu pappa
    avar mugathil umizhndhu vidu pappa

    we miss you Bharathi…

    – smruthi


  4. vikram Avatar

    happy b’day to mundassu kavigyan!
    (btw,baasha bai’s b’day also falls on the same day,I guess?)


  5. mutRupuLLi Avatar

    My fav’s are the lines
    “Kala unnai siru pulena madhikiren,
    En kaalaruge vaada, satre unnai mithikiren”

    Bharathi Bhaskar said in Nayandi Darbar that she admired this man for his abosulte lack of fear …guess those lines by the man himself suggest that…..Incidentally these were the last lines spoken by Sayaji Shinde in the movie Bharathi.
    A perfect ending to the great man’s life(in the movie).


  6. karthik Avatar

    Maha Kavi Bharathi… Unnai thalai vananguguren. Unnai pol oruvanai indha bhumi meendum parka vendum.


  7. kris Avatar

    As Vairamuthu said …” Yettaiya purathil oruthiyin Karuppai NERUPPAI sumanthathey eppadi “…”Bharathi unnaku thalai vanaguguren…

    Tholai nookku paarvai konda orey Maha Kavi…

    Ennalum namathu desathin Desiya kavi…


  8. Shnaega Avatar

    Uchi meedhu Vaanidinthu Veezhukinrapothilum…

    Even if another Bharati is born and living amongst us it will take atleast 20 years after he is dead for us to recognise the “Agni”… That is the way we have been cursed (and not the Bharatis…)

    Nallathor veenai seithey…
    athai nalam keda puzhuthil earivathundo…


  9. nona Avatar

    what – no happy birthday for rajini…boo hoo….
    just kidding – happy to see no happy bday for rajini posted here…

    i heard that tv channels are falling over each other to showcase rajini-thaatha’s b-day. it’s sad that tn celebrates’s sooper star’s b-day in a big way while barathiyar is relatively ignored…barathiyar to barathi-yaar?


    ps: i am sure one of sooper star’s fans will be quick to remind me that its not sooper star’s fault that his b-day is on dec 12…


  10. thetalkativeman Avatar

    Aaha, what a coincidence – Just this Saturday I was missing my Bharatiyar kavidhaigal book in India and scoured the local library – finally got an English translation of his poems!

    Rock on Bharathi!


  11. thennavan Avatar

    Paa ulagai aaLa vandha vendhan
    Ivan paar muzhudukkum pudhiya maandhan
    Ivan moovulagai aala vandha
    Muttrum vilai pesa vandha
    Vendhan, Shakthi Kanthan!

    (Pirar vaada pala seyalgal seidhu
    Narai koodi kizhparuvam eidhi
    Kodum koottrukkiraiyaagi pin maayum
    Pala vedikkai manidharaip polay
    Naan veezhvenendru ninaiththaayo
    Ini ennai pudhiya uyiraakki
    Madhi thannai migha thelivu seidhu
    Endrum sandhosham kondirukkach cheivaai
    Endrum sandhosham kondirukkach cheivaai)



  12. karthik Avatar

    Aggini kunjondru kandaen, athanai
    Aangor kaatilae pondhidai vaithaen..
    Vendhu thaninthathu kaadu-Thanal
    Neruppinil kunjaendrum mooppendrum undo?



    every year bharathis birthday will be forgotten on the shine of rajini dec 12 bharathis is dec 11
    i have come across this link first time and i thank personally the moderator for this initiative any links or anby sharing can be mailed to me and i am a great fan of that great human
    anybody who loves him keep in touch with me


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