4 thoughts on “You and me We used

  1. I dig no doubt, no doubt.

    But its a shame what they’ve done to themselves. Whenever i think of ‘no doubt’, i think of a succesfull old businessman giving all his wealth to his stupid son, who ruins the legacy and treats the old man crap.

    In the beginning she was just a singer, then she became the main person, then she became ‘no doubt’, and then it was just easy for her to dump the baggage (that is ‘no doubt’) and go solo. The problem here is that she is singing a pretend-black like music written by somebody else.

    samples :
    song-1: B-A-N-A-N-A………what the F***?
    song-2: if i was a rich girl, na na na na …………you are stinking rich, you stupid, guess its obvious who wrote the song.


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