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Kung Fu Hustle

Not much to talk about the film. Didn’t generally like it except for parts. With a Quentin Torrentino like start, I grabbed a bag of chips by my side but by the time it completed, I let out a deep breath. The focus of the story keeps changing and if you didn’t know who Stephen Chow was, you would be scratching your head to spot the protagonist. First it seemed like the yuppy hair-cutter. Then it was those 3 sudden heroes in the village. Finally, it seemed like the landloards before the real hero emerges. Oh !! yeah it’s fun but then it can turn into irritation as the movie proceeds. BTW, I knew who Stephen Chow was, atleast 2 years back.

Kung Fu Hustle is stylish and has an attitude but hasn’t coherently been brought together. With a story like this Stephen Chow’s expected humor isn’t sparkling. Blame it on the not-so-interesting situations and expected twists at the end. I prefer watching Shaolin Soccer again !!

If you enjoy Stephen Chow’s Kaathulla Poo stunts, you’ve got to enjoy Rajinikanth and Vijay doing their idiosyncratic dishum dishum. Both are derived from the theory magical realism. In fact, the Kung Fu fighters forgetting the force of gravity is a nerve tickling comedy-time than Vijay’s Sivakasi stunt.

5 thoughts on “Kung Fu Hustle

  1. Whatever u say, Kung-fu-hustle totally rocked…and was beter than rajini and vijay films…Both KFH and Hero(jet li) are underrated masterpieces. btw, background score for Kung-fu-hustle was fantastic…perfectly gave the feel..


  2. heh, they are both old now. u guys need to check out movies of tony jaa (thai martial artist), his two movies so far are super hit, thai movies are kinda like tamil movies, story sucks, but this guy does his own stunts, and they are amazing. no strings attache, no special effects, super fight sequences. LG, check out the movie ONG BAK, and TOM YUM GOONG.


  3. yeah.. the BG Music was good,and i’ve already heard the same strings on some Tamil films.. (suttutanunga). KungFu Hustle was heights of Abaththam. Yet, the action seq. and the way they were choreographed were good. KFH rocked in Tamil..”Mirattal Adi”..


  4. Lazy,
    You need to get one thing straight..Rajini and Vijay films do not belong to same category…Rajini films are really entertaining(except Baba) and they can be enjoyed by everyone…while Vijay films are strictly for Vijay fans…Vijay films do not come under the category of entertainment…and KFH belong to the former category


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