Word Pressed !!

Recieved an invite from WordPress.com to setup a blog in WordPress hosted site. This is the WordPress version of Blogger and MT’s Typepad. So you can use the Word Press interface to maintain your blog while it will be hosted by WordPress, free of cost. Atleast now, they are sending invites for free Word Press hosting. Not sure what their plans are, as of yet.

I used my invite to create a blog, lazygeek.wordpress.com, to feel out WP hosting. Very similar to Blogger/Typepad, the WP hosting have a set templates from which you can choose from and do some minor changes. I don’t think they still have a method to import posts. That would be a wonderful option to allow people to move from other service. But seems like they are in the testing mode and when they open up, there will be many takers.

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  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Lazy. Just try word press for the sake of spam control man. It rocks!!!
    I think the import of old posts can be done. Anita had moved from MT to WordPress sometime back. Maybe MadMan can throw some light on this to you 🙂


  2. dumbledee Avatar

    I shifted from blogger to wordpress a few months ago and sucessfully imported old posts into wordpress. A little tedious but not a pain.

    Check out this link for more info

    Of course, this is self-hosted wordpress….i dont know about wordpress.com.

    But wordpress is really easy to install and use and also customize.



  3. Hiren Shah Avatar

    I came across the name typead several times but being new to blogging I didn’t know that it was an alternative to blogger. Many thanks. Your posts are really interesting:-

    How do I express, O lazygeek
    That to me till sometime ago, Blogs were greek
    Your blogs one cannot help but peek
    If not everyday than definitely once a week.

    Look forward to more posts but considering the quality and quantity of your posts, the word lazygeek seems a little out of place though cute.


  4. Monzilla Avatar

    Dude request your invite here http://www.monzilla.info/blog/?page_id=6

    As many as you want


  5. thennavan Avatar

    Guru, I did play around with my WP account to some extent but it looks promising. Have blogrolled you there. Cheers 🙂


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