Warning – This post may

Warning – This post may not have any sense of direction. I’m just wanting to pour out a few things and hence may sound like a rant. You might want to stop reading here. I’m positive. You’re not missing anything.

Once upon a time, I was thinking the only joy in the world was reading. Slowly movies started octopusing my life. Reading was a joy even then. Now, there are just too many interests and as one quote goes, “It’s only the human who complicates his own life”.

While there is so much to read, I’m starting to feel embarassed when I realize, that I’m typing more than what I read. As Internet expands, the information overload increases and you don’t feel at ease when don’t catch up with the online world even for a day. For that matter, Ignorance is the biggest bliss. Earnestly, I’m trying to get back to the world of books without any interupption to my love of online world. I’m trying to pay equal attention but it sucks. With a lovely, confronting techie job in the day and the few hours that I get to surf the web in the night, my reads have reduced to a unit of tenth. The pile of books that I want to read but haven’t, keep increasing. Especially reading fiction has reduced to zero and I think I’ve lost the innocence to read fiction. For someone who had tried to read as many Wodehouse or Chase as possible, sitting through even Da Vinci Code seems tough now. Though Da Vinci Code follows some of the tried-n-tested methods of thriller fiction, I felt there was nothing big that was going to happen. That zest to complete it wasn’t quite there.

As the blog world is fights a worthy war, here is me fighting a different war to shut myself and read a book in a strech. Let’s see, if I can do that. Will update more , but for now, back to books.

10 responses to “Warning – This post may”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    You know what? If I dont read your blog atleast twice a day, I feel I have missed something. Have a nice week ahead lazy 🙂


  2. Plum Avatar

    you’re right-this was a pointless, meaningless rant that was best left unread…


  3. Arvind Avatar

    u know what lazy…u r not alone


  4. Ravi Avatar

    I too could not handle the information overload. So I recently went on a little unsubscribe and throw-away spree. Cancelled blockbuster subscription, unsubscribed Fortune, Time magazines, kept about few books that I might like to read and sold rest of them at Half Price books(for nothing). Feel better now.


  5. srini Avatar

    I used to drive long distances once and I found that I was listening to the news only. I started listening to books on tape. What it did for me was expand my list of authors. I was able to listen to many more authors. I found it very similar to reading as your imagination was still at work and the mind was able to dream up things. It does expand your horizons. Go to your local library and take a shot at it. It might surprise you.



  6. shankar pratap Avatar
    shankar pratap

    good luck lazy


  7. Madan Avatar

    So true 🙂


  8. thodarumm Avatar

    I completely relate to this.
    I don’t watch TV, movies.
    I am on this damn info highway..
    Adhuvumm onnoda ‘blog’il irundhu aarambhitthu, eng engo pogiren. Enna tech venidkidakku..ippa nan Om Malik blog vera padikaren..thala vali 😉
    I just keep adding books to my wish list and never ever read it, I keep paying fines to my local library without having opened the book..hmm…


  9. Ajay Avatar

    totally agree with what u say…at least this is something i have and am undergone/ing..many unfinished books and many more in the reading queue…and i can’t find an excuse saying i’m a techie (btw which i am not)


  10. Hiren Shah Avatar

    Well, it is said that the person who does not read good books has no advantage over a person who cannot read them. Strange irony that something like internet should lead to that. There is another saying that people in power have no time to read and people who do not read have no business being in power. An actor used to collect books during his lifeitme to read them at retirement. I am a bookworm too with many unread books.


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