Mirrors on the ceiling, The

Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said “We are all just prisoners here of our own device”
And in the masters chambers They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives
But they just can’t kill the beast

Last thing I remember I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
“Relax,” said the night man, “We are programmed to receive
You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave”

16 thoughts on “Mirrors on the ceiling, The

  1. Hi LG

    I have been a silent vistor to your blog all these days.

    Now I wan’t to know what runs through your mind when you post the lyrics, for me it appears as square plug in a circular hole, totally out of context. (untill I make sense of it)

    May you illuminate me on this one please!


  2. LG-

    Poetry is nice. But getting to serious business, there has been trouble brewing in the Indian Blogosphere – a youth newspaper called JAM published an article about IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management) and a dude called Gaurav (incidentally an employee of IBM) added his two pence. Now, this has been blown out-of-propotions since IIPM is one of IBMs customners (they purchse thinkpad laptops) and thretened the students (?!!) threatened to burn the laptops if Gaurav does not withdraw his comments from his blog. NOw,Gaurav has resigned from IBM effective Monday Oct 10. IIPM has sued both Gaurav and JAM and the whole blogger world is burning out ! You may want to link to the article that summarizes this story :


    Pass this on to those who frequent your blog and let the ripple continue…..


  3. Hi, Long time reader, first time comment. I cud nt help but comment on this piece. To me, the last stanza has changed meanings a lot. From hell to this life to this world to this body to even heaven. But since I ve become a new mother, it has a altogether different meaning to me now. Birth! The baby sure ran to the door and found the passage and was received. Definitely checked out but can s/he ever leave? I wonder how many more revelations are in store!


  4. I’ve always liked these lyrics but couldn’t understand why you put them out there especially without any mention of their origin. It’s only polite (and right) to do so.


  5. This category of Randomizer posts are truly random with no clue given to anyone. I am trying to be brash here to add some junk without a reason. Usually lyrics of songs that I listen on a random basis is put up here. Mostly the song is guessed in before the third comment.

    This one is a famous famous famous world hit called Hotel California by Eagles. Ferrari found it already.


  6. “Hotel California”.. One of the most famous “pub song” 🙂
    Ferrari’s comment is good one 😀


  7. Guru,

    This is in reference to your previous IIPM post:

    All that is fine. But what is your stand? I did not see any comments in the Desipundit site by you?


  8. Miss. Truth, Obviously I stand by Gaurav and Bloggers. The title of the post and the content reflects the same. If not why would I put up a post out here. After all Gaurav has been a fellow blogger for a long time.

    And didn’t they say Truth always has a name. Where the heck is yours 🙂


  9. some how I felt that you were just skirting or avoiding the issue – which btw is perfectly fine as well, since this is your space!

    they way you had linked & closed comments – I wasnt too comfortable.

    but now that you have explained it…its fine.

    ‘Truth’ is what they call me


  10. Hey !! come on. this is by no way a small thing and btw why should i escape without giving any opinions.

    Groupism may not be the most favored approach always but this has gone far too cheap. And I think THOSE DUDES learn to do a SWOT analysis atleast now.

    BTW, the reason to take off the comments in the previous post was just to avoid such discussions. If these were on the desi pundit site, it would be accessed and appreciated by many people.


  11. I just posted this on Kiruba.com in response to similar groupie frenzy:

    Hey Sharma et al,

    Stop trying to unionize the indian blogosphere. The real great “thing” about the net is that it allows you to talk freely about issues that concern you. Of equal value to the individual blogger is the ability to ignore things that don’t concern him/her. Once you lose this freedom and the blog posts are driven by politically-correct fashion of the day, then the blogosphere loses it’s charm. What Kiruba Shankar writes is his own business – No one is forcing you to read his posts.
    Lazy, I feel sorry that you buckled under pressure to say something about the IIPM issue!


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