@Vantage Bloggers !!

When I read Gaurav‘s note on the law suit, few days back, I was thinking, thats just an email and what could it ever do to him. I wasn’t sure that this would be more worse than Mediaah !! closure on acount of lawsuit from the famous news corporation(!!).

With the Indian Blogosphere heading to a war with the false claimants, I feel sorry for Gaurav who resigned from his job. At the same time, how much ever Nilu’s note makes sense to me, it’s a brave decision by Gaurav to stand by his post and not take them down. Many of us, put in that situation would have not reacted in the same way. And that’s a hard truth.

With the bloggers figting back to justify their stands, one would expect that THEY GIVE UP !!

– Following the Dilip D’Souza way, No links or even a mention of THEM(!) . I am not giving away free advertisements on my account. They already have enough.

Nilu has been writing hilarious posts on this issue. I am ROTFL since morning.

– Instead of releasing your anger gas here, please leave comments on Desi Pundit post which serves as a repository for this issue. I am closing comments, on this post, for this specific purpose.

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